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Food at Belvoir Theatre


Tonight I went to see a play that was titled Food over in Surry Hill's at the Belvoir Theatre. 

 Before entering Miss Sunshine and I take our time to chill out inside the Belvoir Theatre's foyer for a drink. And then... what's this?  Feast Magazine! Hurrah for freebies! 

Snagging the magazine for future drool-worthy pictures of cakes and recipes, we then made our way to the downstairs theatre in order to get us a good vantage point of the play. 

FOOD (via Belvoir) "... On a stretch of Australian highway, two sisters run a takeaway joint – their days heavy with Chiko Rolls and memories. While they quietly wage war with their past and wrangle with each other about how to map out their future, a young traveller arrives and brings with him a charm and sensuality that turns their world around. 
 Food is an evocative mix of words and movement that will surprise and stir in equal parts."
The stage is set up to look like a kitchen with a wall adorned with various sizes of pans and then there's the array of pots that come handy for the actors as they maneuver around the small bit of stage with ease. Many pots were used for sitting once upturned and the food props used were cutlery, glassware and a bit of flour thrown about here and there!

At one point the actors engage the audience for a moment to provide us all with varied offerings of minestrone soup from Love Supreme, freshly baked bread from the Bourke Street Bakery and a good drop of red wine from the CellarMasters

So of course - I thought this was amazing! Not only did we get to watch the play, but we got a taste of their food too and played our part as "customers" to the take-away joint instead of being just an ordinary audience.

Belvoir Theatre

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