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Gold Coast Trip, QLD


It was about this time last year that I took the plane from Sydney over to the Gold Coast for a little R&R as well as visit relatives that live around the beachside, so I was looking forward to just lying about in the sunshine and swim all throughout my stay.

I was going through my pictures last night and thought I'd recount a bit about the things I did, the places I saw and most importantly - the food I ate!

The first few days were sad and gloomy - much like how it was yesterday in Sydney, an overcast and rain-ridden all day and night. It wasn't until the half of our time spent in the Gold Coast that the sun decided to take over the rain clouds and when it did - it was great!

We check into our hotel of choice - the Sheraton Mirage - just in time to avoid a downpour outside that was bucketing like crazy. Inside, the hotel has a laid back island feel to it with  marble floor tiles and pillars, cascading fountains and water features in the lobby and the constant beige and blue tones of sea and sand throughout the suites, hallways and lobby. The wicker chairs made with plush cushions also make it feel like a relaxed beachy vibe. 

It's also good because it's near to the theme parks and the hotel happens to accommodate many interesting facilities - fitness centre and spa with a lap pool, tennis courts, a swimming pool with a built-in poolside bar area and the broad open spaces of lush palm trees and birds of paradise against the calming cyan coloured pools of water. My fondest memory of my previous visit to the Sheraton Mirage would be about fourteen years ago when I was way younger and simply adored looking at the swans and ducks that often live within their own little sanctuaries at the hotel in the summertime. 

Breakfast dwelled in the earlier hours of the next day and we bucked out of our beds and off towards the distant familiar smell of bacon and the clamour of cutlery and plates. The brasserie restaurant plays host to the hotel's dinner banquets as well as their breakfast trade which is a feast of varied delights for me and the family.

That morning I ate heaps! From oats to cereal of corn flakes with yogurt and fruit, a plate of hot baked beans with bacon and eggs, hash browns and sausages, croissants and pastries with cups of english breakfast tea to wash it all down made this glutton of a breakfast complete. Sigh

Then we decided to take a leisurely walk about the road on over to check out our neighbour hotel, the Versace Palazzo - a grandiose hotel that oozes with elegance and Italian flair. The pool has imported Italian sand and all the mosaics on the floor are hand-laiden! Can it get any more posh? 

Later on during our stay we drove on over towards the Jupiter's Casino for a late night snack at Spinners Cafe that's situated in the heart of the hotel and casino atrium. The cafe-style restaurant is open till late and there we had some club sandwiches and a rump steak with wedges.

Then there was this rainy, gloomy one-off day in-between our sunshine days that made us just want to become a family of lazy bears and just hibernate in our cave.. in this case, our hotel suite.

Mr. Chatterbox and Mr. Tickle left us for a brief sprint out of hotel over to the Marina for some hot chips and seafood. They brought back some tartare sauce tubs, chips, beer battered fish and calamari as well as freshly sought spanner crab and prawns.

Then the night before jetting back to Sydney we ventured to Grand Palace Chinese Restaurant over at Surfer's Paradise. We ordered a peking duck that was cut into slivers with a good enough balance of crispy peking skin and duck meat, a sprinkling of shallots and dabble of plum sauce all wrapped up in the pancake to serve. For the second course we each had the san choy bau lettuce leaf with minced remnants of the duck.  

Most days we were around the hotel pool or seeing relatives. It was a good brief time off the usual hum of routine from Sydney... kind of wish I was there again now!

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