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IKEA @ Homebush Bay, NSW


Wanna know 3 reasons to love the Swedish (39 more if you're so inclined). For one, they are friendly and usually extremely gorgeous people. I envy the swedish blonde hair and blue eyed look so much, as well as their wintry snowfalls. 

Secondly, did you know the awesome fact that they honor foods like waffles, cinnamon rolls and candy with a dedicated day annually? How amazing is that! I'd look forward to Waffle Day... everyday.

Then thirdly... because they created the cheap, practical and stylish furniture giant that we all know as IKEA!

Now, I am usually more of a nocturnal person rather than an early riser. So heading on over to Homebush Bay was a pretty big deal for me - having to roll out of bed, put something decent on and find the place makes the day out something different, I suppose! 

The Homebush Bay IKEA is one of the few select gigantic IKEA stores for Sydney and I have a knack for buying up a storm when it comes to stationary, home-wares and overall... shiny, sparkly new things. 

The agenda for today's visit was to buy a few photo frames for some Parisian prints I have been meaning to hang up around the house.  

That was, until I discovered there was a huge cafeteria right next door to the store! I was surprised to say the least, because I had no idea such a thing existed with IKEA and it reminded me so much of when I had visited Costco in the USA on my trip over there back in 2010. Costco had Churros, Hot Dogs and Chips with refillable sodas for cheap as chips prices - a concept quite comparable to what IKEA has to offer. 

Excitedly, we followed the non-existent queue for our breakfast trays. We each ate our own hot continental breakfasts for a meagre $2.95 plate each and some hot tea and coffee for a few dollars more. The whole experience felt like a cheap brasserie with lots of kiddies roaming about minus waitservice. As we were the first few to arrive, the food was hot and ready to serve. 

For those with kids, it's a great place to have a nibble or tea because it's family friendly and a great advantage to have before shopping for home stuff in the IKEA store. What I did love was the Family Station which is a collection of little colourful tables and chairs that the kids clambered all over and there are dedicated colourful cups, cutlery and plates to use as well.

I happened to snag a few IKEA pencils for home since they are pretty nifty little pencils for the pencil jar. It only had occurred to me now that I've gone through a yellow phase! My new jacket is bright mustard yellow and as you can see here, so was my nails at the time.


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