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Marvellous Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago I entered and won a giveaway hosted by Cadbury and Sugarpuffi's Sweet Blog which all the delightful winners each receive a purple marvelous apron along with three of their finest newest chocolate blocks:

  • Peanut Toffee Cookie
  • Jelly Crunchie Bits
  • Pop Rock Candy Beanies 
I totally forgot these little parcels of chocolatey goodness were coming my way, so when the postman did arrive and hand it over my curiousity took the better of me and - viola! Chocolate galore!

I've managed to pry all three open and share them along with friends and family. So far, I'm about three-quarters down to the jelly crunchie block, half down of the pop rock candy variety and just started with the peanut toffee. Each flavour is really an interesting, mouth-watering mixture and every bite has a little something besides the traditional milk chocolate.

I think my favourite so far would have to be the jelly crunchie chocolate block as it's got those scattered chewy bites of jelly bits and a crunch to it afterwards.

Thanks goes to Sugarpuffi and her Sweet Blog for hosting the giveaway and for the yummy Cadbury chocolate.

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Campbell Restaurant, NSW


Recently before my class began in the city I met up with my friend Vivien for a late lunch to get a quick feed over at Campbell's Restaurant in Haymarket, Sydney.

The place is just like what I'd imagine a Hong Kong cafe style restaurant could be like. Like many eateries and cafes in Hong Kong most are hidden away from the public's view with a staircase or elevator as your points for access. In this case, Campbell's is on the first floor of a heritage building that's been re-developed on the inside a few years back. Campbell's had moved from it's Sussex street residence to it's new spot overlooking the tramlines and Market City hustle-bustle of passerby's.

We happily choose to sit on one of their burgundy booths and soon find the Chinese-English or more like a "Chinglish" menu that to my relief has both languages to describe what's on offer. Vivien orders the fried rice whilst I have the HK-style baked pork chop with tomato on rice and an Iced Lemon Tea to drink.

For my meal, the baked pork chop is given a huge slathering of this tomato based sauce that's got a hint of dark burning on it's skin. There's some green peas and carrot added to the mix along with the pork chop pieces themselves which where thick and crispy set on a bed of steamed white rice.

There are televisions streaming Chinese TV series dramas and some seated balconies (mostly to cater the smoking customers) and booths that make this a comfortable asian experience for our lunch.

Campbell Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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Princess Coco & New Home Cafe

"... Coming Soon"

I've been keeping a watchful eye on both newcomers Princess Coco near to Day and Bathurst street and the next Home Cafe towards the corner of Liverpool and Dixon Street as their store fronts develop.

This afternoon I went for a short walk-about to see what's up with Princess Coco, hoping that perhaps when they say "Coming Soon in Winter" it'll be sometime soon, but it looks to be still under the development stage with a peek thru the top of the window gap there's a glimmer of a decadent chandelier and ornate finishings for the ceilings.

I really adore the Princess Coco romanticism the branding seems to have and from the looks of it, it'll probably be a Chocolatier or Patisserie with tons of sweets, bon-bons and macarons! My sweet tooth is already aching as it is...

As for Home Cafe, I have the feeling it may likely be similar to the likes of Home Thai owners or the Home Cafe in the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) as they each have the same branding logos. Either way, I'm a fan of Home Thai and look forward to the unveiling of what's to come. 

Have you seen any other "Coming Soon..." establishments around town lately? 
Give me a buzz!

Princess Coco

Home Cafe

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House Party


It's time to party and what better party than a house party in the comfort and company of people who are awesome. Miss Sunshine, the honorable host of this evening's affair gathered a couple of her friends beforehand to get the ball rolling before all of her guests arrived for some tunes, booze and food.

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Ginger & Spice, NSW


For tonight's dinner the family decided we were in dire need of some food with aromatic spices to warm us all up from the dreary, cold and rainy night that this Sydney weather is giving us. It also so happened that my brother aka Mr. Tickle, was craving for their Sambal pork balls that Ginger & Spice usually makes, so the choice of our eating venue was a win-win all around! 

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Parisian Macarons


Ooh La La~!

When I came across this new Paris themed tea-for-one set the other day during one of my recent shopping trips, I couldn't resist doing a little French Patisserie inspired photoshoot. 

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