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Campbell Restaurant, NSW


Recently before my class began in the city I met up with my friend Vivien for a late lunch to get a quick feed over at Campbell's Restaurant in Haymarket, Sydney.

The place is just like what I'd imagine a Hong Kong cafe style restaurant could be like. Like many eateries and cafes in Hong Kong most are hidden away from the public's view with a staircase or elevator as your points for access. In this case, Campbell's is on the first floor of a heritage building that's been re-developed on the inside a few years back. Campbell's had moved from it's Sussex street residence to it's new spot overlooking the tramlines and Market City hustle-bustle of passerby's.

We happily choose to sit on one of their burgundy booths and soon find the Chinese-English or more like a "Chinglish" menu that to my relief has both languages to describe what's on offer. Vivien orders the fried rice whilst I have the HK-style baked pork chop with tomato on rice and an Iced Lemon Tea to drink.

For my meal, the baked pork chop is given a huge slathering of this tomato based sauce that's got a hint of dark burning on it's skin. There's some green peas and carrot added to the mix along with the pork chop pieces themselves which where thick and crispy set on a bed of steamed white rice.

There are televisions streaming Chinese TV series dramas and some seated balconies (mostly to cater the smoking customers) and booths that make this a comfortable asian experience for our lunch.

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