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Ginger & Spice, NSW


For tonight's dinner the family decided we were in dire need of some food with aromatic spices to warm us all up from the dreary, cold and rainy night that this Sydney weather is giving us. It also so happened that my brother aka Mr. Tickle, was craving for their Sambal pork balls that Ginger & Spice usually makes, so the choice of our eating venue was a win-win all around! 

You might've heard of the restaurant's name before either from my previous postings or if you're a Food Safari with Meave O'Meara fan from SBS then perhaps you'll recall Ginger & Spice was part of the Singaporean episode where the chef-owner Alex invites Meave and her Safari's audience into the kitchen for a glimpse of some authentic Singaporean recipes.

Anyways, this place has become a well known Singaporean restaurant that's situated on Military Road in the North Shore. It's become part of Neutral Bay's border of affluent foodie restaurants, bars and cafes that make their mark in the area and most lavishly - Grosvenor's Street which I'm slowly discovering more potential new eat-out places to try and review. 

 Above: Otak-Otak

For an entree we order the Otak-Otak. A fillet of what's usually made of fish and mixed spices all wrapped into a banana leaf then steamed until it becomes a soft, warm and almost custard-like consistency that can be eaten alone or with steamed rice on hand.

Above: Belachan French Beans and Assam Mixed Seafood

We often sit and watch what's been ordered around us during the interval of when we're waiting for our next dish to arrive at the table. A few tables amongst us have the Hainanese Chicken with rice, which from my point of view the pieces of the chicken looked pretty plump and good to eat. The big group in the front of the dining room however have hit the jackpot tonight; ordering up the signature Singaporean Chili Crab for everyone to share. 

The waitress delivers us the remainder of our orders - the chicken satay skewers with an aside of peanut satay sauce to accompany it. Then my brother's sambal pork balls were to be seen with a gathering of french beans that has been tossed together with a Malaccan shrimp paste and lastly the assam mixed seafood soup. 

The Assam recipe is yet another well known Singaporean cuisine that consists of a sweet yet also sour flavour. In this case, Ginger & Spice have both factors and serve the soup with an array of seafood pieces such as prawn, calamari and fish. The pineapple chunks also provide the added tartness to taste along with the hints of exotic spices and herbs strewn throughout the soup base.

Ginger and Spice's pork sambal balls are little round pork minced sambal covered mouthfuls that's been pan-fried and covered with a mixture of chilli and spices with a scattering of onions within the thick sauce.

To add a refresher to my dinner mid-way I ended up ordering an Iced Lemon Tea drink which is a house made concoction of citrus sweetness. The icy drink is super sweet and bursting with that citrus-y lemon tang with cold shaved ice.

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