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House Party


It's time to party and what better party than a house party in the comfort and company of people who are awesome. Miss Sunshine, the honorable host of this evening's affair gathered a couple of her friends beforehand to get the ball rolling before all of her guests arrived for some tunes, booze and food.

On the sidewalk that went into the small courtyard that her home has was these little incandescent glasses and jars filled with salt that dotted the line towards the party area. In little nooks and crannies through out the evening, the candles kept on flickering as the night progressed. They were really sweet and gave the party a bit of warmth as well as that mysterious glow in the night.

With the outside set it was then time to take a break and have something to sustain us beforehand. Her roommate ordered us an array of Thai meals from their local thai restaurant so we all digged into some delicious pad thai chicken, pad see ew noodles, red and green curries with some hot steamed rice. Most notably, the green curry had a big chilli kick and the pad see ew noodles proved to be good in flavour.  

Then we start on working at the nibbles that was on offer for her guests. Namely, the skewers of falafel balls with various accompaniments of fetta cheese, eggplant, caramelized carrots, chorizo slices and capsicum all bunched up together onto a skewer to serve. 

With the capsicum, cheese, chorizo, eggplants cooked and cut into munchable sizes the next part of our skewer was to chop up the carrots with some honey and place them into the stove to be sweetly caramelized whilst we all start work on those scrumptious chickpea based falafel balls. 

The falafel balls were made with chickpea that was rinsed and drained from it's juices then finely processed into a blender with flour and egg to produce a smoother texture. Then we add cumin seeds, a spring of parsley and chopped coriander to the mix with a dash of sesame seed oil until it became of a workable consistency for us to use a spoonful into little balls. 

Pouring oil into a large, deep frying pan we begin to shallow-fry the falafel in a 5cm deep pool of sunflower seed oil. As we shallow-fry the falafel in batches we constantly have to focus on making sure the balls don't burn it's skin too much by turning them around until golden and placing them over paper towels for the extra oils to dissipate.

They turned out to be a big hit with the guests amongst the other little treats that were on the table that night including vodka shots with popping candy - epic.

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