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Marvellous Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago I entered and won a giveaway hosted by Cadbury and Sugarpuffi's Sweet Blog which all the delightful winners each receive a purple marvelous apron along with three of their finest newest chocolate blocks:

  • Peanut Toffee Cookie
  • Jelly Crunchie Bits
  • Pop Rock Candy Beanies 
I totally forgot these little parcels of chocolatey goodness were coming my way, so when the postman did arrive and hand it over my curiousity took the better of me and - viola! Chocolate galore!

I've managed to pry all three open and share them along with friends and family. So far, I'm about three-quarters down to the jelly crunchie block, half down of the pop rock candy variety and just started with the peanut toffee. Each flavour is really an interesting, mouth-watering mixture and every bite has a little something besides the traditional milk chocolate.

I think my favourite so far would have to be the jelly crunchie chocolate block as it's got those scattered chewy bites of jelly bits and a crunch to it afterwards.

Thanks goes to Sugarpuffi and her Sweet Blog for hosting the giveaway and for the yummy Cadbury chocolate.

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