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Blue Plate Bar & Grill, NSW


Valerie and I meandered down Grosvenor's Street in Neutral Bay. Since I get to pick tonight's dinner venue, I thought of Blue Plate and who better than with an American girl who'll happily choose what's good to eat off the menu!

It was a Saturday evening and very last minute, so naturally I was prepared for the whole "sorry, we're fully booked" speech but we were told that they don't have any tables but the bar can still offer us a restaurant menu and drink. Really, it was an okay position as we got to see the barmen do their stuff - flips and turns of margarita cups, the occasional swirl of a sweet looking lychee infused granita drink and then there's the curious homemade lemonade over on the side of the bar which Valerie brought to my attention. We order some lemonade, a cloudy white citrus drink served in a what is a jar with a handle on it - pretty neat!

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Marigold Restaurant turns 30!


Last year we shared the same corner round table for a dinner similar to tonight's outing. Except this time the restaurant is celebrating their 30th Year in the Chinese Restaurant business by offering diners an array of dishes in a special set menu priced at $128 for four people. This special menu is going to be on-going July until December 2012.

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