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Blue Plate Bar & Grill, NSW


Valerie and I meandered down Grosvenor's Street in Neutral Bay. Since I get to pick tonight's dinner venue, I thought of Blue Plate and who better than with an American girl who'll happily choose what's good to eat off the menu!

It was a Saturday evening and very last minute, so naturally I was prepared for the whole "sorry, we're fully booked" speech but we were told that they don't have any tables but the bar can still offer us a restaurant menu and drink. Really, it was an okay position as we got to see the barmen do their stuff - flips and turns of margarita cups, the occasional swirl of a sweet looking lychee infused granita drink and then there's the curious homemade lemonade over on the side of the bar which Valerie brought to my attention. We order some lemonade, a cloudy white citrus drink served in a what is a jar with a handle on it - pretty neat!

We got some buffalo chicken wings to start things off. A New York style dish, the wings were drenched within the juices of a buttery, peppery buffalo sauce that gives your mouth little punches here and there from the spices that's been tossed in. Apart from dipping the wings into it's own pool of buffalo sauces, there were carrots and celery sticks provided with this dish to be dipped into the blue cheese sauce which I loved to savour as I'm such a glutton for anything cheesy!

Next I was curious as to what the Fish taco dish might be like and Valerie shrugs her shoulders and says it's something of a hit or miss to people, either you like it alot - or not at all. The fish taco is a beer battered fish fillet that's wrapped up with salad in a soft taco shell and given a light drizzle of mayonnaise on top served with french fries.

I really was keen for some good ol' Pecan pie but the barman came back with the news that they were fresh out. Settling for the pumpkin variety, it was richly smooth in texture and tasted sweet with a dollop of vanilla bean ice-cream and hints of cinnamon.


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