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Marigold Restaurant turns 30!


Last year we shared the same corner round table for a dinner similar to tonight's outing. Except this time the restaurant is celebrating their 30th Year in the Chinese Restaurant business by offering diners an array of dishes in a special set menu priced at $128 for four people. This special menu is going to be on-going July until December 2012.

We had a tad more heads on the table - about seven people dining, so to account for the extra mouths we order an additional hot bowl of soup to our dinner which in this case has ingredients you mightn't usually come across by in a soup; sea snails, black chicken and lychees!

Then comes the scallops that are steamed then served with Vermicelli noodles in a XO Chilli sauce and shallots for garnish. We each have two scallops which both scallop medallions are plump. The pan-fried King prawns were next to arrive and are in a "superior soy" sauce that sticks to the gigantic prawns so well.

Our servings of diced beef fillet with wasabi dressing, crispy peipa duck ("peipa" is a method where the duck has been spread out to become flattened before roasted and is named after a Chinese musical instrument) had a juicy and crisp skin with a side of plum sauce and salt for dipping the duck pieces into. 

The braised hearts of Chinese vegetables in a broth was in my opinion a little bland but from all the meat and seafood dishes I really did look forward to balance them out with something green and goes well with some freshly steamed rice. 

Additionally we decided to splash out a bit more and order another dish - a suckling pork and jellyfish noodle plate. The pork skin was so quickly devoured I really had to be fast because everyone loved the crispy bit of the crackling along with the softer flesh of the pork underneath it. 

Desserts was some freshly cut watermelon and rockmelon along with some Chinese sponge cake and buns. Additional desserts were ordered - a baked sago pudding which was really creamy taro flavoured and oh so delicious!

Afterwards I felt like I needed to be rolled out back into the elevator because of all the yummy food we had eaten tonight. Now I'm just at home, feeling lazy whilst I type this up and consider grabbing a cuppa and settle down into watching some tv shows before bed.

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