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Princess Coco, NSW

Princess Coco Chocolaterie

On the 16th of August it was the "soft opening" of Princess Coco, a magnificent Chocolaterie situated on the corners of Day and Liverpool street in the Sydney CBD. I've been fortunate enough to have been invited to their opening that day and got to taste and experience first hand what Princess Coco will be revealing to everyone on it's grand opening week starting August 29th - which is today!

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Taste Baguette & Grill, NSW

Harbour Street (near Darling Quarter)

Today felt like the winter chill was reluctant to breeze over as the sky was a gorgeous blue and the coolness of the city CBD today was way more tolerable and cheerful in comparison to the previous days of ridiculous degrees of cold. It just made me think that we're that much closer to the likes of Spring! (Yayness!)

Walking about Darling Harbour with Little Miss Sunshine and a new alias you probably haven't heard of before but I'll introduce her to you now - *drum roll* the ever pleasant and food-savvy Ms. K FlatWhite

We decided to try out the strip of the restaurants and cafes that overlook the Darling Quarter and it's parkside quarters that include benches, beach chairs and even a playground with a fully functionable water feature for kids to play with.

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Princess Coco (Soon), NSW


I've been gushing over this place for so long now and luckily enough the Princess herself has open her doors today for a sneek peak "soft opening" to test out what it would be like before it's official grand opening towards the public next week, August 29th.

For more on Princess Coco, check them out on their website and get ready to fall in love with my upcoming review of this delightfully pleasing chocolaterie!

À bientôt!

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Ash St. Cellar, NSW


Gosh it's been so darn cold this weekend! I'm wrapping myself up in a pyjama onesie and sitting right next to the heater for better warmth as I type this up with cold hands... Brr! 

Anyways, this week I caught up with my budding photography and food lovin' pals Thom and Vivien who both love to take foodie pics like I do for TeaThyme. Whenever we go out it's like a silly rotation of DSLR's or iPhones taking snaps of what's to eat before we dig in. It's one of those moments where we look as if we were tourists - but really, we just are admirers of all things yummy...

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