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Taste Baguette & Grill, NSW

Harbour Street (near Darling Quarter)

Today felt like the winter chill was reluctant to breeze over as the sky was a gorgeous blue and the coolness of the city CBD today was way more tolerable and cheerful in comparison to the previous days of ridiculous degrees of cold. It just made me think that we're that much closer to the likes of Spring! (Yayness!)

Walking about Darling Harbour with Little Miss Sunshine and a new alias you probably haven't heard of before but I'll introduce her to you now - *drum roll* the ever pleasant and food-savvy Ms. K FlatWhite

We decided to try out the strip of the restaurants and cafes that overlook the Darling Quarter and it's parkside quarters that include benches, beach chairs and even a playground with a fully functionable water feature for kids to play with.

The girls looked upon me for the decider as to where we should settle upon taking our lunch date and I decided that we'd go try out Taste Baguette because I liked the look of their outdoor and indoor mismatched tables and chairs and even a turntable with a working DJ on this busy lunch hour of a weekday. 

For lunchies Miss Sunshine ordered the schnitzel baguette served with freshly baked bread that hug the slices of crumbed chicken, lettuce and tomato, lush green rocket leaves and a drizzling of their honey mustard mayo to finish it up. She gave me a smile of approval for this and ate it rather quick because out of all of us she was most famished!

Ms. K FlatWhite decided to try a bageuette as well. I am a little fuzzy on what it was exactly so let's just make do with a close-up yummy shot of what she ate. My guess was it was of the turkey variety, but oh well.

 There was no way I could do a baguette plate because regretfully I had eaten a snack not too long before meeting the girls - so I opted for the lighter alternative of a salad. The pear and rocket salad I tried turned out to be really refreshing and easy to devour because it wasn't too overwhelmingly filling. Slivers of toasted almonds and parmesan cheese along a sweet mixture pear slices and an aioli along with rocket leaves were a treat to be had.

After a lot of girl talk over lunch we then walked on over to George Street for some retail therapy - a day well spent!

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