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Bottom of the Harbour, NSW

Plus lots of beachy pictures!

Fish and chips, calamari and the fresh salty sea breeze in the air.

That's all one could ask for on a day off work and with that semi-spring weather we've been having - why not take advantage of spending it at a beach?

So, that's what we did.

Mrs Helpful and I drove downwards towards Mosman to Balmoral beach today mostly for a little relaxation time away from home and also because I wanted to take some photographs of the beachside for my latest photography assignment.

Mrs Helpful played a part in my photographic escapades... becoming my model and photographic assistant whilst we walked along the beach and got our daily dosage of Vitamin D from the sun.

I called it a day once I was content with my beachy pictures and also because we could feel our tummies rumbling.

Going to Bottom of the Harbour, a corner store cafe and fish-and-chip shop that's been open for years was an ideal stopover before the drive back home.

Bottom of the Harbour is set upon the Esplanade and used to look like a really shabby Aussie "fish and chips" shop many years ago. It's gotten a revamp now with darker tones of black walls and modernized it's tables and chairs section for a cafe next to their take-away section.

We order from the take-away section a couple of fish fillets that are beer battered into a fried golden crispy shell and when pulled apart, offers you it's white soft fish flesh that goes well with the tartare sauce and a squeezing of lemon.

Chips are a seagulls favourite as is mine, which are underneath the two large chunky fish fillets. Mrs Helpful orders herself a serve of calamari rings and chips, which I can't help but sneakily take a few calamari rings for my own to munch upon.

Balmoral Beach directly opposite the Bottom of the Harbour shop is such a divine slice of nature to behold. Unlike the gnarly but awesome waves of places like Coogee and Bondi, there is a serene calmness to the waves (which are just small, soft little bumps of water that go towards the shore) and as you walk around the shoreline there's a Bather's Pavillion next to a cove of rock pools. The small bridge that connects towards an isle which is great for a family picnic day out and then there's also the netted baths with a promenade to walk about.

Here's a few pictures I took of the day:

 The Bather's Pavillion

 Cute little bridge towards the small island 

 a day well spent.

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