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Old Vienna Coffee House, NSW

Old Vienna Coffee House
At the Queen Victoria Building

One of my most loved places to hang about within the Sydney CBD is the Queen Victoria Building (aptly nicknamed the QVB to locals and the like) as it has such historical meaning to our city and has the most lovely glass stained windows and stone masonry that still stands to dazzle the tourists whilst it plays home to many different cafes, retail stores and the occasional busker outside looking opposite Town Hall.

Taking the old rickety elevator that is rarely seen upon in modern buildings is one of the novelties that makes the QVB feel like you've stepped back in time to the late 1800s. Spring open the doors and onto level one we overlook the wide open spaces and peer down to see what's below and above us before turning in to our coffee stop over for the day at the Old Vienna Coffee House.

Just like the QVB, the Old Vienna Coffee House remains lavish and traditional in decor and offers us some time to look around and makes me feel like we should be in some flashy dresses with art deco hairstyles and jewellery instead of our casual t-shirt, jumpers and jeans and shoes of today's fashion.

I had an earl grey tea which came to me with a pot of hot water and one Earl Grey tea bag packet on the side - which strongly suggests that I'd be steeping the tea at the table myself. I kinda wished the staff could make the effort of making the brewed tea for me, but I let this thought slide for now and go with it.

Meanwhile, Michelle orders a mocha and Little Miss Sunshine orders a cappuccino and some warmed scones with fresh cream and jam for the table as we watch the passing cars, buses and people down below from the window facing George Street. 

Fortunately for us everything came around the same time - drinks came first and soon followed by the slightly warm scones that we cut in half and shared amongst three for a nibble. The scones themselves had a somewhat dry texture that really wouldn't have been as pleasing if it weren't for it's accompanied jam and cream to go with it.

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