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Pizza Capers, NSW


It's a lazy day at home and dinner hasn't been sorted as yet. It's raining outside which really warrants us to just stay indoors and do nothing but lounge about and play games and in my case, just do nothing productive. Mr. Tickle is quite the teenager and after a 2 hour bout of playing his latest addiction, League of Legends he declares that he's hungry...

I guess you could say the next thing to do is head on over to the kitchen and it's fridge and see what's there. But wait! If you haven't figured out why there isn't much recipes as of late on TeaThyme, then let it be known that I'm not much of a cook... that's mostly because whenever I am interested in sprucing up something in the kitchen it's usually very basic and nothing too great. Gosh, even Mr. Tickle can make a mean stir-fry or fried rice that puts my lame excuse of an attempt for dinner to shame.

So what do I do to calm the rumbly of the tummies?
Order out!

A Pizza Capers has just arrived nearby to where we live and we're yet to try them out. I call them up and make the executive decision of what pizza's to have - two large pizzas delivered to our home. The lady assures us it's a thirty minute wait but really it was even less.

The first pizza was the Raja - a tandoori style pizza that comes in either chicken, beef or lamb with mozarella, onions, mango chutney and mint raita long with cashews and pea sprouts.

The second being the Italian Connection - Smokehouse pepperoni, mozerella, kalamata olives, tomatoes, basil leaf, capsicum, garlic and herbs.

Of the two Mr. Tickle enjoyed the Raja whilst I was the total opposite and adored the combo of having pepperoni, basil and olives all in one pizza. This was accompanied by watching the Simpsons and downing down some Honest Charlie's Mango-Orange Lemonade we had in our fridge.

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