Fun Foodie Certificates

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Hello TeaThymers,

So this is a little out of the ordinary but as you do over the Internet sometimes you come across something amusing and just can't help but share it to everyone. This is what happened with me - a few nights back I came home from work feeling not up to writing up a my usual full-scale blog reviews and just went online to look at food blogs and recipes instead during my free time at home.

I came across this old blog post which talks about how we often make a deal out of what we eat so meticulously that what we really need to do sometimes is just chill, eat what we like and perhaps indulge every once in a while and they had their own mock up of a "License to Eat" if you wanted to snag one too.

This is a little tongue-in-cheek "Certificate of Appreciation" that I present to you*! Just add your name using an image editor like Photoshop or Paint.

For those with blogs, it'll be a neat little certificate to "hang" amongst your virtual wall to show off amongst all your other awards and certificate displays.

Catalina, NSW

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Ahh, la mer!

I inhale the salty sea breeze and listen to the soft lapping of waves against the shore whilst lazily watching the fancy yachts and ferries to and fro across the sea. Where am I, you ask?

Dragon Boy, NSW

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There seems to be a new trend in our midst when it comes to a "fast food" dining experience and for places like Dragon Boy over in World Square, it comes super-quick in form as a Japanese Noodle Bar with over the counter service.

The concept is simple and it reminds me of those cafeteria scenes you see in the movies where you line up one by one, side by side with tray in hand and place an order.

The way things work for Dragon Boy is like this:

TeaThyme's Birthday!

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On this day last year, I only had just begun to type up my first introductory post on a blog that I've chosen to name as "TeaThymes

October Happenings

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Hello fellow TeaThymers!

Tiding you over with a couple of October happenings whilst I'm on a short break from my regular restaurant reviewing for the time being..

TODAY, 6th October 2012 as I've just discovered the night beforehand last-minute is Adriano Zumbo's "Zumbaron Day" which in all of his stores he has an extended limited menu of assorted zumbo macaron flavours. Check out the fancy and really out there flavours on his site here.

During October Sydney plays hosts to the annual Sydney International Food Festival. It's a festival that is great for everyone including the family as it brings you the opportunity to try new fantastic food from popular restaurants in a makeshift restaurant stall gallery over on Hyde Park for the fun Night Noodle Markets and they offer great workshops and foodie events such as tomorrow (Saturday, 6th October 2012) is the launch of the Grower's Market which shouldn't be missed! Celeb chefs such as Kylie Kwong, Phil Woods and Steve Hodges will be bringing up a fantastic BBQ from the produce of the local stalls.

Check out my last years' adventure to the Night Noodle Markets!

Crave Sydney's Grower's Market

And I'll pass this on to you as well. This was brought to my attention from my fellow blogger friend, MsKFlatWhite and who doesn't want to win a free double pass to deliciousness?

The Taste Food & Words Festival is an inaugural festival which celebrates and discusses food with many Australian Food Writers that will attend on the day. The event presents special initmate opportunities with special guests, Q&A sessions and will be at The Mint on Macquarie Street on October 13th, 2012.

Enter to win double passes!

NB: is not affiliated with Crave International Sydney Food Fest or Taste Food & Wine. These are just my own personal reccommendations for a fantastic week ahead!
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