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Catalina, NSW


Ahh, la mer!

I inhale the salty sea breeze and listen to the soft lapping of waves against the shore whilst lazily watching the fancy yachts and ferries to and fro across the sea. Where am I, you ask?

The restaurant that is within reach of such nautical gorgeousness is Catalina in Rose Bay which Ms. K FlatWhite and I take the time out on a very sunny day to do a 3 course lunch using our Lime&Tonic deal.

Sitting inside to avoid the harsh sunlight, we opt for a table close to the window so we can still enjoy the seaside views of the harbour and whilst still being close enough to watch the waiter mix drinks at the bar. Behind us is a celebrity which we secretly gush over for far too long amongst people are of an abundance from business dressed to young families dining out with friends.

The place itself is clean and simplistic in ambiance, letting the natural seaside beauty capture the main attraction. Sleek white linen tables and glossy cutlery, a broad balcony with high chairs and the staff are appropriately dressed and quite attentive. 

We order a glass of white wine each - an indulgence for the day as we know too well that a class lecture will soon follow our relaxing time at Catalina. MsKFlatWhite has the Hunter Valley Sauvignon Blanc whilst I take the floral, lightly fruity New Zealand variety of the same choice whilst we ponder what to order. 

Our entrees for the day were decided upon - MsK's was the handmade linguini with spanner crab and my entree was the smoked salmon with a truffled mushroom and brioche which I really enjoyed bringing together all the ingredients onto my fork.

During lunch both myself and MsKFlatWhite take turns at whipping out our cameras because we're pretty eager to snap up our foodie pictures. Still, there are times I have a little bit of camera shyness when it comes to fancy restaurants but being the token foodie that I am I simply just have to take a picture of it - because how could you not?!

That's what it felt like with our mains. Both looked so stunning to eat - the way it was presented, all in each of their own food-like glory - dressed in sauces and micro herbs.  

MsKFlatWhite has the Cone Bay Saltwater cod that has a toupée of deep fried enoki mushrooms and a small parcel of cabbage that's been folded to hold meaty bits of crab and sage. My Riverine beef tenderloin with a potato and truffle (again, with the truffles! Mmmhmm!) duxelle was tender and cut with ease. 

I wail soon after I finish my main and entree because after having such a delightful 2 course I could feel my tummy was nearly at it's capacity. But dessert awaits as the waiter gives the all-knowing smile whilst he takes our orders for desserts and suggests we have one of each and share them amongst us two. 

For the summer-like day we had, a fruity Pavlova meringue seemed like a treat. Then on a different rectangular plate comes the peanut praline parfait with a stroke or two of a buttery caramel sauce that melts on top.  Of the two the peanut praline was undoubtedly my favourite dessert.

A seagull hops onto the rail of the balcony and pokes his head around for hope of a few chips. We wish we could have sneaked a couple of chips to our feathered friend before we leave this seaside paradise but hope to return again soon.

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