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Dragon Boy, NSW


There seems to be a new trend in our midst when it comes to a "fast food" dining experience and for places like Dragon Boy over in World Square, it comes super-quick in form as a Japanese Noodle Bar with over the counter service.

The concept is simple and it reminds me of those cafeteria scenes you see in the movies where you line up one by one, side by side with tray in hand and place an order.

The way things work for Dragon Boy is like this:

  •  Observe a menu of their assorted Japanese meals such as udon noodle soups and Don rice bowls and order from the service counter. 
  • Then you make your way through the optional purchase of enticing deep-fried goodies such as tempura pieces of vegetables or other condiments on the side.
  • Pay for your pickings and take your ordered food to a table by a tray.

Miss Sunshine and I take a peek inside Dragon Boy to find it completely bare at first, making us the first two people to have entered in what may have been a while since the waitress seemed very pleased to see someone who wasn't staff walk through the doors.

The last counter is a quick tally of what you're eating and drinking and then you're set! For me I'm a sucker for buying food with my eyes and I bought a tempura battered vegetable and potato croquette to go with my Beef Rice Bowl.

Little Miss Sunshine takes a stab at the crunchy soft shell crab don bowl she ordered and seems really pleased with her meal all-round. We happened to grab a light tempura sauce during our train-like progression towards the pay station and used that saucer to dip for our deep fried goods.

Fortunately more people came and went during our stay. Lots of people seemed to order rice based meals and we soon realized that there is a designated water cooler and tray station for when you finish your meal and want to be a co-operative consumer.

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