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Event: #sydfbxmas2012 Picnic

Sydney's Food Bloggers' Xmas Picnic

On Saturday, November 24th a bunch of 99 locals gathered up their wares, rustled up some food and drinks and hurled a picnic rug over the green Centennial Park grass for the annual get-together that has been going on for four years hosted by ChocolateSuze & GrabYourFork

The picnic itself started off at 2PM so MsKFlatWhite and I ventured over into the parklands looking for the big group of people who'd no doubt be sporting tons of delicious treats and the bigger giveaway to finding them - cameras!

The set-up of the picnic reminded me of the Hunger Games but without anyone getting hurt...! That's because all the 'supplies' aka food and drinks were settled upon a slab of concrete that was conveniently there next to the grass. It's like our own little Cornucopia but minus the 12 Districts and the need for only one winner to survive. Our weapons of choice? Fork, Spoons and Knives! Kyaaah!

As more people came, more plates of food were on offer - tasty looking thai chicken wonton cups, freshly rolled summer rolls, cookies and cakes, the occasional macarons here and there and even Simon's pop-up stand for drinks make a comeback from last year's success!

I brought along a platter of assorted sandwiches: hungarian salami & cucumber, turkey breast with rocket & spinach & cranberry jam, rosemary chicken with lettuce and a garlic mayonnaise then finally the double smoked leg of ham with swiss cheese, cucumber & dijon mustard. I managed to spruce up a la minute a mixed salad of roasted pine nut and pumpkins with mango chunks drenched with a sweet dressing of maple syrup and sesame soy. 

This was my first blogger event and I really enjoyed my time there. People were really talkative, passionate for food and shared plenty of laughs as we played the 'Evil' Secret Santa game to finish off our afternoon. 

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