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Feast @ Sheraton, NSW

Much to many of my family and friend's belief - I have something new and exciting going to happen to me next year, which I am so excited to tell you all in this new post!

Tonight was cause for celebration. For what, you might ask?

Well it was after being approved by a face-to-face interview last May amongst many applicants that started it off. I eagerly awaited my chance to being part of this program I've known about for years but always never thought I'd really pursue - the chance to work with Disney in the WDW theme park resorts. I soon got the approval and in the past few months it has been a steady procession of effort towards getting my flights and visa sorted for when I leave Australia.

And with that, we simply just had to go have a Feast for such an occasion. A short drive away and we're parked opposite the Sheraton on the Park hotel which overlooks the lovely Hyde Park gardens that has recently played host to many delicious Crave Sydney events and the Hotel itself had a Sugar Hit deal last October.

Feast is a re-vamped version of it's former self (Botanica Brasserie) - a brasserie of assorted cuisines and delicious food buffet-style for hotel guests and visitors that's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner trades. Tonight we booked a table of four at 7:30PM and the place was packed with families, big group parties and hotel guests - each of them feasting upon the unlimited supply of varied dishes, seafood, salad and fruit, cheeses and bread and my favourite part of a meal - desserts.

Along with the amazing food line up the restaurant itself has become refreshed in style. The decor has had a bit of a modernized touch; although the structures are somewhat similar to many years ago (ie: the buffet stations didn't move and seating sections are at same places) the look is a whole lot better than it's former self.

A funky little nook away from all the hustle and bustle of the Feast happenings is what really caught my eye when I had arrived that evening because it looked super trendy - brightly coloured tables that had red and black salt and pepper shakers, bird cage chandeliers and cushy booths with bright orange circular tables hide underneath the staircase.

Seafood isn't my usual forte but I snap up a few pictures of the plates around me. Plump and gorgeous orange Tiger prawns, freshly shucked oysters and slivers of smoked salmon were the most devoured from the oceanic array we could choose from. Fortunately everything looked up to standard - seafood looked clean and fresh and there was plenty of it.


Mr Tickle and I pause from our sushi and seafood to try out their soup of the night; the humble minestrone. A tomato based soup with vegetables of carrots and celery and noodles to slurp up. Not my favourite of soups, but quite warming considering we are having such a ridiculous yo-yo like weather of hot and cold snaps at the moment.

Mr Chatterbox eyes the hot food station contentedly to see in the rotisserie three ducks are hanging off their display wall. "Who wants peking duck?" he asks us, before stepping up and while I get excited, he comes back with a plate of jasmine rice, coriander and shredded pieces of duck instead.

Four large hot steamers in front of the ducks were all stewing away throughout the evening. African Chicken, a rich and tasty (but sadly warm) bouillabaisse, beef cheeks that have been marinaded and pulls apart so easily in tender bits off the plate.

I take a break from the pigging out to get some air and a bit of a walk around the hotel lobby and it's luxurious surrounds. Next to the restaurant is a cool blue bar which people get to chill out over a couple of cocktail drinks in high chairs and big, lofty lounges with dangling lights.

Yet back to the eating scene - there are lots more warm and cold cuisines to choose from but then comes my undeniably favourite part - dessert!

Cakes, cakes and more cakes. Slices of meringue tarts, creme brulee, a tapioca with melon soup, ice-cream and a bounty of other sweet sugary goods are within my reach. By this time however I just manage to scrape in a few bites of cake slices and eat up the tapioca with rockmelon and honey dew chunks which make it a refreshing way to finish off the meal.

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