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Petaling Street Re-Visit, NSW


The past few weeks I've been within a hibernation mode in regards to going out and eating delicious restaurant standard food. When it was a particularly cold and dreary Sydney weather like this Friday evening, I decided to take shelter inside the Malaysian restaurant off George Street called Petaling Street. 

Pictures are from my Instagram (@sophietthyme) - sorry it ain't the usual formatting that I often use! It's because I only had an iPhone to wield that evening since I hadn't planned on bringing a camera in my bag.

I've been there before to know well of what I'd like to order. Since I was by myself that day, I took a table for little single ol' me downstairs in their underground level since the top ground level was already so busy with many of the eaters being of asian descent.

I order one of their Laksa as it's been a while since I've eaten a laksa noodle soup. I love the spices and the hot coconutty soup base that the Malaysian laksa provides and that particular bowl of soup and mixed up of thin rice noodle and hokkien-style thick noodles with pieces of chicken and tofu. It came up and out of the kitchen in a boiling hot temperature that made me wish I could withstand it because I was so hungry for more and didn't want it to wait for the soup to cool down. Although I think I may have burnt my tongue in my haste to eat, I did enjoy it greatly.

I reminisced for a while about my Malaysian trip (see trip part one) that I had last January over a cool Milo Ice. A slightly frothy milo milk drink in a stainless steel mug which was perfect to just sit back and sip, sip, sip away! It makes me realize that I should buy a tin of Milo for home and with that thought I'll commit that to memory and try to have it as an occasional milky drink. 

Half way through my Laksa devouring I remembered reading a recent article about Assam Laksa - a different variety of Laksa soup which is more of a citrus, sweet and sour taste and thinking "Oh, I should try this when I hit up a Malaysian place!" - but ah well, guess there's always a next time!

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