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Welcome to TeaThymes! is a food and travel blog based in Sydney, Australia. From here you'll get to see some restaurant reviews, food and travel product reviews and the occasional recipes -all matters of food and drink!


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Event: Christmas 2012


Dear TeaThymers, 

Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season during Christmas and that you'll all be having an excellent New Year of 2013!

As you might've noticed in my recent posts, next year shall be a bit of an adventure for me as I move from Australia to the United States.

TeaThymes will still be maintained by Sophie during her stay in Florida and have occasional guest posts from my awesome team of budding Food bloggers! Interested in guest writing?  

Till next time, 

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Trip: QLD 2012 - Grandpere's Garden

Grandpere's Garden Patch

On a recent trip over to the Gold Coast the family and I visited my grandparents for a quick hello over lunch. We said 'Bonjour' to my French grandparents; grandmere et grandpere.

Every time I visited their home there's always something to look forward to food-wise. Grandpere has always been creative and homely in his style of cookery; including the making of his own bread loaves from scratch with his humble bread maker along with growing fruit and vegetables in the backyard.

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Gold Coast Fishermans, QLD


Just a short drive along Main Beach, Queensland near the family fun that is SeaWorld is a short strip of jetties that are open in the earlier hours of the day till mid-afternoon with moored trawlers offering the the chance to buy seafood straight off the boat.

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Trip: USA 2010

And so the countdown dwindles down to a two digit number today - 33 Days!

I remember last May-June it was like 100 something days and now time has flown so quickly I could nearly not believe it. Of course if you're unaware it's a countdown of the days until I leave Sydney, Australia to live overseas next year. (See celebratory post with Sheraton's Feast)

It kinda makes me reminisce about the previous foodie ventures I had taken as a tourist in Los Angeles and around Anaheim in 2010. I hadn't flown by myself before for an overseas long haul which at first made me hesitant to go - but I did end up going and had a ball hanging out with Brian, a friend from Sydney who was living in the States and played tourist guide for me whilst I was there.

Unknowingly to Brian I had smuggled some TimTams and Kettle Chips - the stuff Aussie's dream of when they get junk food withdrawals and these brands aren't easy to find overseas. Least to say, he was pretty darn happy with his stash and they made excellent jenga and stacker blocks to play with.

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