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Gold Coast Fishermans, QLD


Just a short drive along Main Beach, Queensland near the family fun that is SeaWorld is a short strip of jetties that are open in the earlier hours of the day till mid-afternoon with moored trawlers offering the the chance to buy seafood straight off the boat.

It's a glorious summer-like weather that day and Mr. Chatterbox, my dad, decides it essential to grab a kilo of prawns from one of the trawlers. A good friend of ours had told us the not-so-secret location of this kind of 'trawler's market' co-operative where the trawler owners themselves dock for the morning to sell what had been caught the night before, making it a fresh 'off the boat' direct purchase of seafood to the public!

There are only a few boats to choose from which each have similar seafood to buy; octopus, king prawns, cuttlefish and the occasional bugs. Because we were a tad too late (4 o clock!) most of the bounty was already sold out.

The lady we approached first kindly shows us her last morsels of prawns. Raw or cooked, both looked to be fresh and plump. We bought a kilo of prawns that had already been broiled simply in seawater which added that extra saltiness to the prawn's taste.

"Oh look Sophie, that's a lot of bream!" Mr. Chatterbox exclaims.

I peered over the handrail to see schools of fish swimming across the shallow waterline. Sure enough, there was small to middle-sized Bream which are swimming close to the rocks.

Mr. Chatterbox begins to babble about the fish and enlighten me on fisherman knowledge about Bream and fishing in general for a few minutes as we get a little too excited over seeing our fishy friends.

In Sydney during summer, we often would go fishing over the wharves for fun and usually go home with a bucket empty because there would be no fish that would bite.

Excited, we hobble off to the next boat and ask whether you could do some fishing here but alas - apparently not! If it weren't for being told verbally, then the big red sign saying 'No Fishing is permitted' soon gave it away. Sigh. Guess we'll have to stick with Sydney's ho-hum fishing and let these buggers live to see many more days!

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