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Trip: QLD 2012 - Grandpere's Garden

Grandpere's Garden Patch

On a recent trip over to the Gold Coast the family and I visited my grandparents for a quick hello over lunch. We said 'Bonjour' to my French grandparents; grandmere et grandpere.

Every time I visited their home there's always something to look forward to food-wise. Grandpere has always been creative and homely in his style of cookery; including the making of his own bread loaves from scratch with his humble bread maker along with growing fruit and vegetables in the backyard.

When I was about 10 years old, I can vaguely recall helping up Papa with digging up the back of the garden's earth to make space for his vegetable patch that he still uses to this day.

He has always been a handy man of the house, utilizing all types of materials and creating something nifty out of the old. He is the relative that if something was broken, he'd easily fix them up with a nail, hammer... or just sticky tape.

We get a taste of what was left of the ripened cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves in our lunch break. Harvesting what's already ripened, the tomatoes are just about red and have are punchy in citrus flavour. The rockets are so fresh and tender, in one crop it's more younger than the other are still growing up to their full delicious potential.

On the other side of the harvest is his assortment of herbs - French chives, parsley and thyme all in abundance and ready to pluck. Grandmere prepares a rabbit that has been stewed for hours in a creamy white wine jus, potatoes au gratin and a freshly picked salad for our lunch!

Stay tuned for some more QLD pictures and places I visited.
Meanwhile, check out Yamagen, QLD for some Teppanyaki action!

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