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Trip: USA 2010

And so the countdown dwindles down to a two digit number today - 33 Days!

I remember last May-June it was like 100 something days and now time has flown so quickly I could nearly not believe it. Of course if you're unaware it's a countdown of the days until I leave Sydney, Australia to live overseas next year. (See celebratory post with Sheraton's Feast)

It kinda makes me reminisce about the previous foodie ventures I had taken as a tourist in Los Angeles and around Anaheim in 2010. I hadn't flown by myself before for an overseas long haul which at first made me hesitant to go - but I did end up going and had a ball hanging out with Brian, a friend from Sydney who was living in the States and played tourist guide for me whilst I was there.

Unknowingly to Brian I had smuggled some TimTams and Kettle Chips - the stuff Aussie's dream of when they get junk food withdrawals and these brands aren't easy to find overseas. Least to say, he was pretty darn happy with his stash and they made excellent jenga and stacker blocks to play with.

On the first night I arrived we ventured for something asian and parked into the "Asian town" of Irvine, CA. This strip of stores had karaoke clubs, various asian cuisine restaurant chains and even an 85 Degrees Cafe which at the time back in 2010 I was a newbie to their franchise and didn't really know their sweets until then and now that they have a more prominent presence in Sydney's George Street.  This was the first time I tried the famed rock salt and cream cheese coffee at their cafe. I didn't think much of it, haha!

Brian, his friend Jeremy and I walked into a franchise known to most "Koreatown" places in the states as BCD Tofu House. It was a crowded evening with at least the three of us waiting about 10 minutes, but we got there eventually. The place is casual in ambience and full of young students that were all there for a supper at around 10 o'clock. I don't really know what I've ordered in the picture, my guess is a Beef Tofu Soup since I did want something with their famed namesake of Tofu in my meal.

Then there is the infamous In and Out Burgers - ahhh-mazing! It was on the top of my "Do Want to Eat!" list at the time. It's something that people I knew in the USA or come back from were rambling about for ages and we never had a store in Australia (as yet!) for me to try. It's a super cheesy, greasy and deliciously burger-riffic experience which we ended up having after watching a movie (which jetlag got the better of me and I fell asleep half-way in the film!)

I didn't really get to explore Downtown LA until the last few days of my trip but when I did we walked about the (then named) Kodak Theatre and looked at the Hollywood Walk of Stars and the iconic glimpse of the 'HOLLY WOOD' sign over on the hill. I was a little disappointed to find out that you can't really go up close towards the sign, but did get to see it anyways.

For lunch during our Hollywood trip we stopped over into a franchise called Johnny Rockets, a retro diner themed restaurant complete with Elvis and Johnny Cash tunes, roller skates and thickshakes. We had a cheese philly steak sandwich and a cool Strawberry Thickshake which helped defeat the heat outside.

I stayed most of the time in 'the OC' area (Orange County) where my friend had lived. It was an awesome place to stay because being a Disney fan that I am, I got to visit the theme parks and could be within reach of the Disneyland Resort within a 10 minute drive. Every evening at 9 o'clock, the fireworks could be seen and heard from the theme park at the apartment.. truly happiness for me!

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