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Asia Trip 2012: Part III

Part III

So here's what happened in Part II: Left Singapore's land for the boarding of a cruise ship, Legend of the Seas, arrived to Port Klang in KL, visited a fruit orchard and tasted some sweets before a gigantic Chinese New Year-themed shopping gallery took our focus. 

sa wat dee kha!
For a lengthly and image-heavy recount of my trip, read after the jump!

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Sophie's Birthday 2012


So it was my birthday!

This afternoon my family got together and sang the usual "Happy Birthday!" to me whilst presenting a plate of chocolate profiteroles and freshly cut strawberries that we all had a share of after I blew out my birthday candle. 

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Sophie's Fave Foodie Apps


I've come to realize recently that there are a broad range of really neat iPad/Touch/Phone apps that can come in handy or really entertain you, food-wise. Here's a round up of the most recent Apps that I've purchased or freely installed for my apple products.

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Event: Taste of Sydney, NSW

Festival 2012!

Hello readers of TeaThyme! 
I just wanted to let all you Sydneysiders know of an upcoming event that's coming up soon next month.

Aptly named Taste of Sydney, it is a festival that is offering you the chance to try out participating chefs, restaurants and produce that will provide excellent 'pop-up' restaurants for a day or night out of great entertainment and food in the park.

This will be held on the days of 8-11th March, 2012  and is settled in Centennial Park, it's a ticketed event that will take place on those days with two sessions - afternoon (12-4PM/12-5PM on differing dates) and evening (5:30PM-9:30PM/5:30-10:00PM on differing dates) which will allow you to try new taste sensations coming from well-known people and suppliers. 

There are many more things to see and do during the times of your day so check out their featured activities to see what tickles your fancy. For me, I'm pretty keen on the select Australian produce markets, wine tastings, celebrity chef talks and kitchen demonstrations - to name a few! 

At the moment advanced tix are on sale and are a little cheaper than on-the-day door tickets. Also at some point, you will also need some money to be transferred to their own Taste currency - Crowns! This'll come in handy for when you buy from the stalls.

I'll be attending on the weekend sessions, so I'm super looking forward to this event myself.
But in the meantime, have a fantastic weekend!

- Sophie.

Check out Taste of Sydney's website for more information on the festival and the park.

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Bamboo Dumpling Bar, NSW


The other night my BFF Miss Sunshine and I were going to go see a play over at the Belvoir Theatre in Surry Hills, a community theatre that we've attained seasonal tickets through-out the past year and a few. To highlight, my favourites so far have been The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, I'm Your Man and The Diary of a Madman starring Geoffrey Rush - we were two rows from the front for Madman and I was in a subtly celeb-struck state from seeing Mr. Rush on stage.

For today we wanted someplace new and local to eat before the play. Miss Sunshine suggested we use the Urbanspoon iPhone app because it randomly searches for restaurants under categories like: cuisine, suburb and price range. She locked in: Chinese, Surry Hills, Any Price (Otherwise it's: $, $$, $$$+) and so we went for it and she found Bamboo.

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Cj's French Fondue Restaurant, NSW


A few nights ago I ventured towards Neutral Bay's Military Road, a heartstring of a main street that goes all the way down from Neutral Bay to Spit Junction in Mosman. If you've never been, then know that along the street has many retail stores boutiques, offices along with the copious amounts of cafes and restaurants that dot both ways.  

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Kuaizi, NSW


Kuaizi is a new establishment off Sussex street that's been open for a couple of months now. I've been wanting to try this place out especially because I've heard of their menu being a blend of Modern Fusion - the mix of different cuisines placed together nicely along with their High Tea sets for lunch time.

When I first set eyes on Kuaizi it was like a toned down Alice in Wonderland tea party coming to life and all that was needed was the crazy Mad Hatter and March Hare for hosts. They have an exquisite decor of mix and matched chairs in vibrant colours of different textures and styles, the asian influences of chinese art on their walls and the eloquence of having a high tea menu are just some of the ways that this place makes you ponder as to why a raven is like a writers desk?

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Rice Paper, NSW


It was a rather spontaneous decision for yesterday's dinner outing to Rice Paper, a Vietnamese restaurant situated amongst the many other rival restaurants and cafes on the long King Street road over in Newtown.  

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Happy Valentine's Day!


Dear Teathyme readers, 
Wishing you a wonderful, romantic valentine's day for what is the rest of it, anyway!

I had the pleasure of working a day shift at work and got to look at a 100 single stem red roses through-out the afternoon so I caught the case of 'rose envy' which afterwards I walked into my local supermarket and bought some M&M's for some chocolate comfort - haha!

 Now I'm off to spend the rest of the V-Day with love and chocolate.

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Dragonboat Chinese, NSW


This early afternoon we ventured across the Darling Harbour on a wondrous lazy Tuesday to the Dragonboat Chinese Restaurant located on the second level of Harbourside Plaza. With gorgeous harbourside views of the city, vibrant rays of sunshine and blue skies it seemed almost a shame to duck into the restaurant on such a rare February "summer weather" but the Dragonboat was an ideal short retreat away to have something to nibble on as the boats drift by.

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Adriano Zumbo, NSW: Zumbarons!


I can't help but revert to my much younger self whenever I'm around sweet AND cute little dessert places like Adriano Zumbo's. The dessert sushi train was closed yet again in the afternoon but this time I've dully noted their trading hours for the next visit! So instead we opted for some of their creative flavoured zumbarons - which are macarons zumbo style - as a treat for later on this evening.

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Asia Trip 2012: Part II


So here's what happened in Part I: Flew to Singapore, glorious food finds on Orchard Road and spectacular sightseeing from the Singapore Flyer.

All Aboard!
For a lengthly and image-heavy recount read more after the jump!

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Rose & Ginger Tea


My BFF Miss Sunshine recently came back from a lengthly trip overseas with her boyfriend to India. On her way back, she managed to give me a sprinkling of some aromatic rose and ginger loose leaf teas as part of a souvenir since she knows how much I <3 Tea!

I've tried a brew of the Ginger tea variety so far. The fragrance is sweet and overwhelming, but with the strong aroma of Ginger comes this natural cold remedy that is warming and calming. I'm yet to try the Rose by itself, but it does smell delicious...

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Asia Trip 2012: Part I

 Part I

So here it is - the eve before my departure for our January 2012 vacation for about a week. At the very last hours before arriving to the T2 terminal of International Departures, it's a pretty hectic scramble of check listing to make sure everything is in the bags. My cat seems to want in on some holiday action and sits her fluffy butt onto our zipped-up cases, only to make us feel even more guilty for leaving her at home.

Arising early for a midday flight towards Singapore, we take the time to check ourselves in and walk about the terminal before boarding. We had a bite to eat at the food court - for me, I had a sugar rush of Krispy Kreme's Original Glaze donut and their Caramel Latte. It is always a lovely thing to sit around the windows as I like count how many plane tail logo's I can recognize. 

For a lengthly, image-heavy recount read more after the jump!

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Meet Fresh, NSW


Nope, that isn't any typo of the sort... for what seems like a lost in translation-type name, Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert place that brings more than just the usual Taiwanese bubble tea drinks but more refined beverages and desserts that are so unknown to Australians.

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CNY: 2012 Celebrations

CNY Celebrations

I did quite a few things over the past few nights - on Sunday, the 29th I watched the CNY Twilight Parade  float on by sussex street, had some deee-licious Passionflower ice cream after that parade and then on Monday, the 30th I attended a CNY banquet dinner held in The Eight Modern Chinese @ Market City.

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