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Smoyo, NSW


Two years ago I had my first taste of froyo and it wasn't in Australia but in the USA. I was on vacation in Orange County, California and at the time in 2010 froyo was a huge hit during summer break. Franchises like pinkberry and yogurtland were big, offering a great line up of flavours and toppings. I remember having New York Cheesecake flavoured frozen yogurt. Hands down the yogurtland flavour menu is amazeballs and I'm yet to find an Aussie contender similar to their flavoursome offerings.

Then comes late 2012 - the beginning of Aussie froyo mania! Since now everywhere around the city and surrounds it seems that more frozen yogurt places are up and coming for our summer season and I am rejoicing!

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Mos Burger, QLD


Walking along Surfer's Paradise not too long ago, we stopped in front of a new franchise that I've not seen before in Sydney. Mos Burger!

Mos Burger is orginally from Japan and has become an international franchise for unique burgers. This intrigued me and I took the moment to try one of their signature burgers - the gourmet wagyu beef burger with a side of chips and drink for around $12. Other burgers on the menu include burgers that are with fillings encased with two thick rice patties instead of the usual bread buns - actual rice that has been compressed down like the size of a thick bun!

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Bubba Gumps, FL, USA

Run Forrest Run!

Hello from the fun, sun shining side of Orlando, Florida - my new home for 2013. I arrived on the 5th January and so far have gotten to have some really yummy American foods during my stay around Orlando before starting my work.

We had just spent a good January winter day (which didn't feel that cold at all!) going around Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure which includes attractions such as Marvel superheroes, Dr. Seuss and the main attraction for us being there - the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

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Kofoo Korea Sydney, NSW


Oppa Gangnam Style! 

The first of it's kind, this upbeat trendy Korean restaurant is going to be a big hit for all you k-pop fans. The music is on trend for those who are in the know beyond PSY. With tunes playing from bands like T-ARA, G-Dragon and T.O.P along with the occasional dance-club mixes it's urban basement-tech ambience is certainly under the cool category. 

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Vanilla Chai Cupcakes


This week my sweet tooth lingered for something sugary in cupcake form. I decided to hit up Google for an adaptable recipe for Chai Cupcakes as I'm an avid tea drinker and what better than combine the aromatic spices of Chai ingredients with vanilla into cupcakes for the festive season!

I'm a tad bit infatuated with the idea of Chai teas since I've only just really come across drinking it as a beverage not too long ago. It's origins hail from India and typically is served as a hot spiced up milk black tea. Most supermarkets including the bigger brands offer their own take of the Chai Masala variety being usually a creamy and somewhat warmth bringing drink for the body. 

My first batch includes a little bit of a cheat-sheet approach - decidedly I thought of doing a mixture from scratch sourcing the flours, sugar and butter for it all but when backwards and bought a pre-mix of a local Vanilla cupcake box from the supermarket. 

If you're more inclined to do the cupcake mix from scratch then perhaps adopt this recipe from Taste of Home. 

Adding a tablespoon of cinnamon, clove and ginger to the blending mixture had given me that all spice delciousness. But then the trick is to also add a pinch of white or finely ground black pepper to add that bit or zing to it's flavour palette. The cupcakes themselves on the first try were fantastic with a soft, somewhat moist density that went well with some freshly brewed tea. 

I was so chuffed with my Chai Cupcakes that I made another batch again soon after but this time they were miniature cupcakes with the same amount of mixture, just smaller moulds. They turned out to be great as little treats for when I visited relatives on Boxing Day.

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