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Bubba Gumps, FL, USA

Run Forrest Run!

Hello from the fun, sun shining side of Orlando, Florida - my new home for 2013. I arrived on the 5th January and so far have gotten to have some really yummy American foods during my stay around Orlando before starting my work.

We had just spent a good January winter day (which didn't feel that cold at all!) going around Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure which includes attractions such as Marvel superheroes, Dr. Seuss and the main attraction for us being there - the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

We approached the wait staff and took down our name, which they cleverly ask different names such as "What's you favourite actor?" and we say Brad Pitt. The guy smiles, places Mr. Pitt on the list and a couple minutes later on the microphone he announces: "Table of 4 for Brad Pitt!" and we go on in!

One particular night friends and I decided to pop into Bubba Gumps at Universal Citywalk. Bubba Gumps is a Shrimp Seafood Restaurant which perhaps you may recognize from Tom Hanks' infamous role of Forrest Gump? I've actually never seen the movie before so probably didn't appreciate the movie themed atmosphere like my friends had. The tables are stricken with movie quotes and trivia along with the walls having memorabilia that represents Bubba Gumps.

On the table is a metal bucket for holding amenities such as paper napkins, the necessary bottles of tabasco and tomato sauces, as well as this intriguing number plate sign in front of us that has two quotes - "Run Forrest Run" and "Stop Forrest Stop". Soon after we realize that it's actually a signal for wait services. You flip one over to "Stop Forrest Stop" if you're after attention from a waiter and the funny thing is each time they come around before anything they have to say "Stop Forrest Stop".

We start to go hungry and begin by ordering our meals. The signature dishes on the table that evening included the 'Bucket of Boat Fresh After the Storm' which is a flash fried selection of shrimp, lobster claw each seasoned with Cajun spices and a big handful of crispy hot chips underneath all served on newspaper printed with motifs from the movie and on top of a small metallic bucket.

Then there is the Bubba's Far Out Dip. A fun entree of tortilla chips with artichokes, shredded cheese, spinach leaves and roasted bell peppers for a bit of added spice.

Next, we couldn't go past trying an American Louisiana-based culinary classic of Gumbo! Specifically, how I know of it was from Princess and the Frog (haha!) when Tiana makes a huge pot of stewing Gumbo with her parents in New Orleans. Somewhat similar to a bouillabaisse, the ingredients of a gumbo dish can vary but often it could include spices, meat or shellfish and a bit of  vegetables that have been simmered down in the process. In this case, Mama's Gumbo had a Catch of the Day fish and sausages base.

The BBQ Bacon Burger with Onion Rings quickly become a favourite as soon as it hit the table as it's served with a delish Jack Daniel's sauce and who could not like a burger without some crispy bacon bits?

Lastly, how could we shy away from the Key Lime Pie? A pie that was quite tart in flavour and it's creamy consistency was just too addictive that we ate it all pretty quick!

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