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Kofoo Korea Sydney, NSW


Oppa Gangnam Style! 

The first of it's kind, this upbeat trendy Korean restaurant is going to be a big hit for all you k-pop fans. The music is on trend for those who are in the know beyond PSY. With tunes playing from bands like T-ARA, G-Dragon and T.O.P along with the occasional dance-club mixes it's urban basement-tech ambience is certainly under the cool category. 

Kofoo Korea is a newly established food chain hailing from South Korea and is cutting it's teeth into Australian hospitality in both Brisbane and Sydney within a short span of months to ultimately have more than 5-6 restaurants in Australia that caters to provide us with food that 1. Specializes in Korean Fusion 2. Appeals to the youthful generations 3. Sources fresh and nutritional ingredients with a menu that is vast and ever-changing. 

When you step into the place you're welcome by the whole kitchen with a loud hurrah of korean language that makes me jolt in my seat every time I forget that usually happens when customers are welcomed inside. Teamwork and effort seems to be one of their key values, as the team of 20-something waiters (usually all men are hired) have been trained with little quirks that are somewhat novelty to the experience of dining at Kofoo

The menu at dinner is huge with plenty to choose from - including an all day breakfast menu, desserts; which so happens to be formatted in front of main courses! along with so much other a la carte pages that I get confused on how to order and what to look at to begin with. 

We order a soju rice wine bottle to share over our meals. Having no idea what's good, we let our waiter decide what type of soju to have and he gives us the Chum-Churum kind - a "softer" taste in comparison to the other one they stock. A quick google and this comes up as a description for that particular soju: 

"Chumchurum is becoming popular to mostly women because its softer than other alcohol. Chumchurum contains 19.5% of alcohol and its made of alcali water, which makes soju become more distinct. Because of this, the company explained that before drinking this soju, it makes the soju taste better if you shake it well..." via Wikipedia

Miss Sunshine accompanies me that night as I had been to Kofoo only once previously and wanted to show off the place. "I secretly wish I was Korean." she confides, looking at the corkboard walls that are decorated with beautiful k-pop stars and fashion magazine photos of Korean famous faces.

It wouldn't be the usual Korean dinner without the extra sidedishes. As such, Kofoo offered us three different plates of sides: the sweet bean curd, kim chi and seaweed with salad. 

For something to eat I ordered their beef bulgogi that had been tossed with some vegetables, mashed potato and rice. 

Miss Sunshine has chosen something which is probably of the Korean fusion variety. A barbecue sauce oozed all over a pork tonkatsu with a light and fluffy egg omelette that is filled with tomato flavoured rice.

So recently I changed my family's contact pictures for when they ring me. For instance, when my mum Mrs. Helpful rings from her mobile to mine the picture of Hyuna and PSY would pop up. For my brother, Mr. Tickle it's a picture of another Korean k-pop star; the infamous G-Dragon.

And what is my Dad a.k.a Mr. Chatterbox, you might ask?

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