Mos Burger, QLD

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Walking along Surfer's Paradise not too long ago, we stopped in front of a new franchise that I've not seen before in Sydney. Mos Burger!

Mos Burger is orginally from Japan and has become an international franchise for unique burgers. This intrigued me and I took the moment to try one of their signature burgers - the gourmet wagyu beef burger with a side of chips and drink for around $12. Other burgers on the menu include burgers that are with fillings encased with two thick rice patties instead of the usual bread buns - actual rice that has been compressed down like the size of a thick bun!

The chips came up hot and not too oily on the fingers. The burger itself was okay but I didn't feel like it was nothing too special. Perhaps a different filling and variety would have been a better option - let's just say I wish I'd have a try and munching on those rice burger buns now.

So apparently in an old news article, if all goes well for Brisbane stores more will be popping up interstate in the next couple of years. I wonder if it will hit Sydney when I come back from USA?

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