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Smoyo, NSW


Two years ago I had my first taste of froyo and it wasn't in Australia but in the USA. I was on vacation in Orange County, California and at the time in 2010 froyo was a huge hit during summer break. Franchises like pinkberry and yogurtland were big, offering a great line up of flavours and toppings. I remember having New York Cheesecake flavoured frozen yogurt. Hands down the yogurtland flavour menu is amazeballs and I'm yet to find an Aussie contender similar to their flavoursome offerings.

Then comes late 2012 - the beginning of Aussie froyo mania! Since now everywhere around the city and surrounds it seems that more frozen yogurt places are up and coming for our summer season and I am rejoicing!

Just inside Eating World food court there's a frozen yogurt bar by the name of Smoyö that offers healthy and natural frozen yogurt with different flavours that change daily.

I've tried a few other places before: there's yogurberry - it's branding somewhat reminiscent of USA's pinkberry - noggi and moochi, purple cow, yummy berry, twisted, wowcow and of course, smoyö. There probably are more I've missed out by now but gosh there are plenty to choose from!

Today at Smoyö they had Mango, Strawberry and Original tarte flavours to choose from. I opted for the Strawberry-Mango combined which turned out to be really fruity and delicious - their consistency is smooth and not icy or watery at all. They have four icy cool machines which you self-serve with and pay what you have by the weight of the yogurt.

Self-serviced toppings of freshly diced fruit, candy bits of gummy bears or smashed up cookies, cereal and my favourite topping has to be the mochi bits. 

I was a little disappointed to have missed out on their more unique flavours like bubblegum, honeydew, milk tea and coconut but I'm the optimistic foodie-type and I suppose there will always be another time to treat myself when I get back in Oz! 

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