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Earl of Sandwich, FL, USA


All my fellow program comrades have been hyping and talking about this Sandwich store situated in the Downtown Disney area of Orlando for a while now because they're known for their great quality Sandwiches and for not being much of a pinch on the pocket money-wise. I've also grown to love the idea that lunch over in the States could easily be under $10 USD whereas I'd easily spend $15-20+ AUD on a meal back home in Sydney.

On one of my nights off we stumbled upon the nightlife that begins at the Downtown Disney area. Complete with Bowling Alleys, Cafes, Cinema and Cirque du Soleil Downtown has become one of my favourite lesser theme-park-ish spots to hang with Miss Naughty during our nights off.

When we came to buy a sandwich slash sub roll from Earl of Sandwich we where impressed at the branding and the story behind such a successful namesake. It's got a bit of historical concept to it; harping back to the days where Earl's and Duke's weren't a thing of the past and the 4th Earl of a place called Sandwich, Mr. John Montagu was a reknown gambler that often had no time to prepare meals for himself because he was preoccupied with his gaming. To make sure he didn't starve, he'd ask his servants or maids to fetch him two slices of bread and some meat for him to nibble on. Stacked them together and what do you get? A Sandwich! Such a genius thing could perhaps be named after this English gambler after all.

The queues were long as expected for this quick serve outlet and although it is quite a relatively large restaurant it still took us about 15 minutes from the end of the line to their counter for ordering. I opted for their Special Holiday Sandwich which consisted of oven toasted turkey with stuffings, cranberry and mayonnaise with a dollop of warmed gravy inside a toasted roll of bread. The unique part to this was these sandwiches aren't served cold but are hot from the freshly toasted bread and meat varieties you choose.

I also bought myself a huge bowl of their Chicken Ceasar salad that came with field greens and romaine lettuce leaves, shredded cheese, croutons along with chunkier pieces of grilled chicken all of which was dressed generously with Ceasar dressing.

To wash it all down I went with the Lemonade Earl Grey Tea. An addictive citrus and earl grey infused drink that was so refreshing it went down the hatch in a great big gulps. 

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