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Focus Chinese Restaurant, QLD


You know stuff is gonna be good when you find out that most of the customers are either: 1.) From the same descent as the restaurant's cuisine or 2.) Find out that people from all places, including a table next to us who travel from Brisbane to Surfer's just to dine there. Focus Chinese seems to tick both boxes.

Focus Chinese is a semi-newly sought business which formerly the space was used by a bar/bistro and that may explain the oddly-shaped dining room in the form of a semi circle that overlooks the hotel swimming pool and is open through-out the day dinner into the later hours of the night.

We came for a Chinese feed one evening and ordered a few family favourites; some ginger tossed with Chinese broccoli, a steamed fish and a juicy, fat food-coma-inducing pork belly dish that just makes you drool in anticipation plus we tried a Focus signature dish of sesame chicken.

The Chinese brocolli are served still steaming away. It's a simple dish, the vegetables being doused and tossed in a ginger sauce briskly so as to not over cook the greens. As Mr. Chatterbox has once told me before, the nicer ones are usually the smaller, greener looking stems as they are younger and less bitter in taste from being old.

Then comes the pork belly plate and boy did we jump in our seats at this spectacular sight. Juicy is the word for these, it's fatty content still stuck onto the pork's flesh and glossy as ever. The sauce itself was great to have with a bit of rice as it was slightly sweet.

Focus has created a popular dish which is the sesame chicken. Slightly addictive in flavour, it was quite eatable.

And to the end we were offered some nice red bean and coconut jelly squares. Something usually seen during yum cha but it worked a treat as the finishing touch to an otherwise lovely Chinese meal.

I took a picture of a crab lived in the bottom of several aquariums that are at the front of the restaurant. They have tanks of fish, crabs and lobster that are made to order. Hello Mr. Crabby!

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