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Omeros Bros, QLD


One of the evenings we spent in Queensland led us to stretch our legs away from the hotel room only to walk across a bridge over to the Marina Mirage shopping centre to find dinner a couple minutes later. 

Overlooking the fantastic harbourside waters, the jetties are full of luxury boats that each would cost a fortune to maintain - so much that my eyes are still hurting at seeing the many digits attached at a nearby real estate window that has 'for sale' luxury boats.

We begin our dining experience by seizing the opportunity for their 3 course menu special and for entrees it just turns out that everyone in my family didn't double up on their selection so luckily we had one of each of the entrees off the menu to sample from each other's plates.


A fresh and cooling avocado with a lemon vinaigrette came with a mix of fruit and salad that really felt refreshing to start with. Mr. Chatterbox ordered the baby octopus that was marinated with oregano and garlic, the baby tendrils are chewy and tasty.


Mrs. Helpful decided upon a Snapper Soup, a beautiful fishy soup that was creamy and semi-thick in volume. Mr. Tickle has the Sweet chilli beef salad thats drizzled with a tantalizing mint and yoghurt dressing. 

Omeros Brothers Seafood Restaurant has been there for many years and is family owned by the famed Omeros Brothers that are seen pictured in old black and white photos along one of their walls with familiar Hollywood faces that have graced their presence back in the day at the same restaurant which still stands to impress. Originally from New South Wales, the Omeros Brother's have uprooted from their Paragon Restaurant days to the beautiful Gold Coast area to showcase fresh seafood and a la carte.

Moving onto Main Courses, the men of the table decide to beef up with the choice of the Steak Diane - eye fillet that's melt-in-your-mouth worthy and tender served in a brandy cream with the added zing of worcestershire (pick-me-up) sauce and a bowl of crisp fries.

Mrs. Helpful and I decide tonight we'd each have a barramundi which is simply dressed with thyme and lemon butter. A generous helping of tartare sauce and a few fries later I'm simply rolling back into the chair a happier camper after the two courses.

Simple white table tops and sparkling silver cutlery along with some veteran staff members who offer such character and old school traditional silver service is what makes the place such a comfortable, classy place to be.

Dessert on the mind, we grab one each of the chocolate terrine and tropical sorbet; the latter a tad too icy in consistency yet we're all glad to have refreshed our palates with cirtusy flavours of lemon and raspberries.

Although the restaurant is now kept into the capable hands of loyal staff and a son of the legendary Omeros Brothers, the restaurant itself is still presented at it's best - a fine dining restaurant that serves freshly sought seafood such as Sydney Rock oysters that are delivered every day and even using the fresh 'Trawler's Catch of the Day' supporting local fisherman communities which I would assume could be from the very same neighbourly Gold Coast Fisherman co-op I had recently visited.

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