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USA: Disney's Epcot Flower & Garden Food Festival Pt. 1


It's currently looking to be a warm and sunny Spring for Florida at the moment which makes it an opportune time on a day off like yesterday to go venture forth in Disney's Epcot theme park for some fun and 'eat around the world' in Disney's own World Showcase section. Every year during the Flower & Garden Festival there is seasonal food stalls that they have up and running throughout with varied menu's to choose from. This year it runs through March 6th until May 19th, 2013. 

If you're unfamiliar with Walt Disney World (WDW) and Epcot, then here's a quick refresher for those who aren't as Disney geeky as I tend to behave like. WDW has four major theme parks over here in Florida that includes Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Each have their own landmark icon - Epcot's is the Spaceship Earth; a gigantic golf-like looking ball which actually is home to an attraction that depicts how technology has been a cruical part of life from the past to today. There is the futuristic side of Epcot with themes of science, technology and then there's the World Showcase, a stunning "around the world" experience of different countries that show off their cultures through shows, attractions and of course through the gastronomy of food.

Every year around spring time Epcot hosts the Flower & Garden festival; a spectacular showcase of floral arrangements throughout the theme park of beloved Disney characters from animated movies and television shows spring to life with excellent detailing through flowers and plants.


Dole Whip is one of the most popular iced treats in the Disney parks; so much so that it's become almost like a cult following amongst those who are big fans of the fruity soft serve which comes in pineapple or orange flavours. In this pop-up stall called Pineapple Promenade there is a few variations of sweets using Dole products. I decided to try the Pineapple Up-side Down Cake which proved to be a sweet moist cake that bends when you dig your fork into it's sponge-like density only to rebound with a hint of pineapple taste. Accompanying the cake is a vanilla custard sauce and flakes of slivered almonds.


Over in the China pavilion is two stalls; Lotus House and Joy of Tea - the former stall being of interest to me because I've been craving milk bubble tea since I've left Sydney, Australia!

We stop by to say 'Hola! Como estas?' to Donald Duck over in Mexico with his dashing little Mexican vest and Sombrero hat on before finding Perry the Platypus on a mission over in Norway. Feeling a tad bit parched as we hit into China's pavilion next; we reach Lotus House and order ourselves a peach oolong milk tea with pearls (little tapioca balls) to munch upon on this hot afternoon for when we are walking by each pavilion along with candied strawberries for a sweet treat.

Three big and sweet strawberries are skewered together and then doused into a hot, sticky sugary coating of melted sugar and sesame seeds. The coating is thick and teeth-breakingly hard to bite into at first but then you have the still fruity strawberry fruit to eat into as well. 

I found the Peach Oolong Bubble Milk Tea had a nice peachy flavour but it was too overly sweetened to my taste and the pearls where overcooked to a point that they didn't have a munchy core or they were so soft that the balls had broken into smaller pieces inside the drink. To make things even more difficult; the Cast Member tells me there isn't any bigger straws available to suck up these little buggers and you have to resort to using a spoon instead - making a tedious step of un-lidding the take-away style lid drink and digging around the beverage for a pearl. Sad times make me wish chain stores from Sydney's Chinatown were readily available to me...

Joy of Tea offers guests with a varied menu of different Chinese tea brews excluding the bubble milk tea variant that was next door at Lotus House.

Now I'm off to go defeat the Huns with Mulan. BRB...

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