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Yebisu Izakaya, NSW


It's been nearly 5 months since I've left Sydney and hopped on a plane for the US to work. There hasn't been much time for me to blog as much as I used to about all the foodie places I have discovered so far in New York and Florida but there are a few I'm slowly whipping up and going to post sooner rather than later!

Thomblr, my Sydney-based friend and budding foodie has given me the latest digs for a new Japanese restaurant over in Regent's Place on George Street this week which we'd thought to share with you all.

Everything was ordered from the table by using an iPad and touching the screen to select what you'd like to order off their electronic menu. 

Thomblr decides to order the lunch bento box set and chooses the fish teriyaki with the usual Japanese sides of miso soup, rice and a Japanese salad. The seared salmon was really fresh and the gyoza he ordered as a side was deep-fried dumplings that were good to dip into the light sauce provided. 

Overall, the place has this nice and fun atmosphere and lunch specials seem to be worth a shot! 

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