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USA: Miami and Key West Trip!


Taking advantage of our days off from work -  the three of us; Miss Naughty, Miss Giggles and I - go for a road trip towards Miami Beach and then a little further down to venture into good ol' Key West.

We leave Orlando and head on over to rent a car for a four hour drive along the highway to get to our hotel over in Miami. We ended up in an awesome boutique hotel along the harbour side called Bal Harbour which proved to be a great spot for shopping and nightlife with clubs that the likes of celebrities such as Paris Hilton would choose to party at.

It's another long four hours to reach Key West so we made a day of it to explore the little isles that stretch between Miami and Key West. There are times where you feel like your just alone in your car, with nothing around you but only crystal blue ocean on both sides of the bridge and road. At night it can get even more creepy on the road because you look out at the window and there is literally nothing outside - just complete darkness!

The main streets of town have such a old, historical feel as you might see in the tourist snapshots I've taken below. Key West is also 140kms away from Cuba if you cross over the distance by boat and at the Southernmost spot there is a buoy which marks the location of 140kms. History dictates that the port of Key West was used primarily for fishermen and that Ernest Hemingway would write during his stays in this little town. Ernest was friends with Sloppy Joe's owner Joe Russell who enjoyed deep-sea fishing and introduced that to Hemingway. Apparently Hemingway had wrote manuscripts whilst visiting Key West including leaving one that was later found in Sloppy Joe's after his death.

I was excited to visit Key West because it would be the most furtherest away from Disney possible. After being within the "Disney bubble" for how long I have been, it's great to know this trip will allowing me to escape Mickey Mouse for a while. Also Key West has it's famed Key Lime Pies which I've heard about since I arrived to the USA to work.

The Key Lime Pie & Co. is situated in a cornershop across from the Old City Hall. It prides itself for selling award-winning key lime pies over the counter tops using a 100 year old recipe that has been so delicious it's made them famous over time to the capacity of having inter-state deliveries and scattered store locations in South Florida.

We each order a Key Lime Pie slice that's been made with 100% Lime Juice that gives the slice that extra citrus zing. The pie filling is so tantalizingly creamy and smooth whilst it's embedded onto a crumbly pie base. A few dollops of cream and your set!

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