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Cafe Du Monde, LA, USA


Welcome to the Big Easy!

I was so excited to tick New Orleans off my USA to-do list. So far I've been on an interstate journey to New York, Atlanta, North Carolina, Florida and Miami right before visiting the "Big Easy" - which I've soon discovered was a phrase that New Orleans people choose for themselves.

I remember a few years back watching a travel show about the big easy and seeing a review on a place within the French Quarters that simply was made world famous for making French beignets - little soft doughnuts that are deep-fried then showered rather generously with powder sugar.

The  Cafe Du Monde is a big outlet with indoors and outdoors seating with a line up of waiters and waitresses that can serve you these piping hot powdered pillows of dough at the table. The menu is very simple - beignets, coffee au lait (Au Lait means coffee with milk and American creamer 'Half and Half') or just black chicory coffee and orange juice.

Big beverage vats are lined up on their front counter for easy access to their waitstaff as they go down a line to fill up a cup with your desired drinks, pick up a plate or two of your delicious beignets and then come back to you to pay what you owe and the appreciated tip for their services. 

And goodness - this place never closes! Opened 24-7 save for the unfortunate event of perhaps a natural event like a hurricane which often rolls by New Orleans - they keep on pumping out to serve the masses until closing up for Christmas. There's also a take-away or as the Americans say 'to go' counter for those wanting not to sit down and eat and just want some beignets on the run.

Finally with this trip I've had the opportunity to fall in love with the French Quarter roads, it's small little nooks and crannies of boutiques along with live jazz cafes and restaurants of Cajun and Southern flavours (try their gumbo and jambalaya!) inside historical Spanish colonial architecture that just makes you feel like you've stepped into a totally different world full of colour and spirit. 

I also got to visit Mardi Gras World which is a huge manufacture of the Mardi Gras floats for their parades. They have fantastic works of art all fully stored inside a warehouse that holds masterpieces that have been cut out of papier-mache and using styrofoam.

PS: We also managed to grab a plate of beignets every day that we were in New Orleans too they were too hard to miss out on!

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