Happy NYE 2013!

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Hello TeaThymers, 

Wishing you all a very awesome Happy New Year for 2014. Hope it brings you a new fantastic year blessed with happiness and good health. 

For me I can't believe 2013 is wrapping up for me. Time over in the USA is quickly coming to a close & I'm looking forward to being back Down Under in January! 

I can't wait to start up the new year with delicious foodie adventures at the new restaurants and cafes of Sydney as well as trying to keep up to the idea of trying my hand of being more independant for cooking a few things at home since I'm not much of a genius for the kitchen. 

Do you have any resolutions for the new year of 2014 too?

- Sophie.

Happy Holidays 2013!

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Hello TeaThymers,

Wishing you a very magical Christmas holiday period to all of TeaThymes.com's readers and friends of this blog. 

May this season bring you joy and lots and lots of candy canes! 

I am spending my last month of what you could have called it as a 'gap year' (well - as I post this, it's just under two weeks) in the USA working with Disney before I head back over the big blue sea back down under to Australia to begin another year back in Sydney for 2014. 

I plan on resuming blogging - and yes! finally, I'll get to visit and taste all of those deliciously new cafes and Sydney restaurants I keep on reading and seeing online.

See you real soon!

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