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Christmas 2014



Sophie will return from a short break mid-January 2015. 
Happy eating!

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257 Home, NSW

257 Home Kitchen @ Eastwood

People were lining up in small little packs waiting for a table at this Eastwood Chinese eatery called the 257 Home Kitchen on Rowe Street. There's plenty of hungry customers awaiting a table inside this small place, the kitchen and waitstaff trying their best to meet the quick dinner time demand.

A trendy looking atmosphere; the 257 has wooden tables and white brick walls with black and white motifs and a nice clean "homely" feel that looks like a modern restaurant of any cuisine, not specifically your usual stereotypical Chinese at all.

The staff are quick on their feet and different plates of food keep by-passing our table as we settle down in the middle of the restaurant after they had sought-after a seating point for our family of four. It was an awkward fitting for us, as we were smack right in the middle of the walkway and the seating was myself and Mr. Tickle on both ends, and Mr. Chatterbox and Mrs. Helpful seated on one side.

The table near us were served milk bottles in shiny coloured ice boxes which intrigued us. At first we thought it was iced chocolate, but the waitress informs us it is Hong Kong-style Milk Tea. We order two; it's super milky and tea that's strong in flavour served cutely in a old fashioned milk glass bottle each.

We ordered this barramundi fish for our main course - a sticky sweet and sour fish that has been semi de-boned and deep fried in a fanatical kind of shape. It's quite a signature looking dish and was interesting to pick at it with an accompaniment of pine nuts and peas with the sauce that went simply with some steamed rice. On the far top; our noodle dish that was beef and hokkien-style noodles lightly wok tossed with some shredded veggies.

I absolutely love myself some dumplings so we order ourselves a plate of pan fried pork dumplings that turned out to be soft and inside with just enough of it's own juices to make a soupy broth inside the dumpling that would squirt out when you aren't too careful to manage to eat them strategically. Served piping hot with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, they were gone within minutes once dunked with a dosing of soy sauce with our chopsticks.

257 Home Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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Brewtown Newtown, NSW


I can finally say that I've tried a Brewnut. That is.. the Brewtown Newtown's own versions of the Cronut craze. 

Meeting up with MsKFlatwhite and her lovely friend Julianne for a Sunday brunch at Brewtown I get to have my first Brewtown experience. I didn't know what to expect from this - I just knew of it's name, its famed Brewnuts and that it was quite a popular choice for a cup of coffee in the Newtown area.

Brewtown Newtown is in a warehouse turned miniature coffee roastery as well as a boutique up top on the first floor sourced from local artisans and merchants. Focused in being free range, organic and creating a seasonal variety of breakfast and lunch choices with baked goods made fresh on their own premises. Things are looking good!

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Jamie's Italian, NSW


"How's everything goin'?" says our delightful British accented waitress as she passes by to check on us whilst we begin to devour our "Plank" - a wooden platter of assorted meats and antipasti settled upon the what could only be the usual 'Jamie' way - rustic-style a la up opened Italian roman tomato cans.

There's silence all-round for our party of five... Either our mouths are full, or we just don't have the words right now to respond and for a good reason because we are just too occupied for a "Yes, it's too good!" moment.

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Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst, NSW


Everyone who loves ice-cream should know of this namesake by now - and if not, then now you will! Gelato Messina has various stores within Sydney since 2002 beginnings based in Darlinghurst. Now, it's broaden it's reach with places in Pyrmont, Parramatta, Bondi, Surry Hills and over in Melbourne's Fitzroy.

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Garden Grove, FL USA


It was a last minute decision to go have dinner nearby at Walt Disney World's Swan & Dolphin Hotel in Walt Disney World that proved to work a treat. In this somewhat hidden restaurant lies a huge 25-foot oak tree that glimmers with fairy lights and lanterns at night in the middle of the place and some furry Disney friends also make an appearance to your table! Sometimes it's Goofy, Pluto or the Chipmunks' Chip and Dale. 

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Short Holiday - Be Right Back!

Be Right Back!

I will be on holidays to my second home that so happens to be the happiest place on earth - Walt Disney World!

So you won't be seeing any further updates until at least the week I return; let's say mid-November 2014 once i've gotten over jet lag and back to work life in Sydney. I'm very much excited to go back to seeing my old workplace and Disney family and shall be snapping lots of food pictures (during my time there, the annual Epcot Food & Wine is on!) to share with you later on.

Here's a Mickey Waffles Recipe in the meantime to make you all jelly... <3

- Sophie.

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TeaThyme's Third Birthday!


Today marks my third year in being in the blogging scene for food. This just comes to show that three years on i'm still a food crazy girl that loves snapping up pictures and sharing it to the world! 

It was a very low-key celebration for it. I just turned on my phone and realised so I thought heck, why not buy THREE macarons for the occasion?

Not much words today unlike the previous birthdays for pearls of birthday wisdom. But I'm happy with how the blog is so far :)

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Good Food Month

Sydney Morning Herald's "Good Food Month" of October!*

I remember in my early days when I began blogging for that I visited Sydney Morning Herald's then-named Sydney International Food Festival by Crave and it was quite a fun experience. 

This year the same experience falls under a different name but still provides us with the same fun family friendly social activities that are great for the lazy weekend or post-work snack! It goes to show us Aussies love ourselves a good time out into the park for a picnic or just to have some good ol' different types of food!

The Good Food Month festival brings back the favourite bi-annual festivities for October - the night markets, the sugary sweet Sugar Hits for the night owls and even a cheeky photography exhibition involving participating chefs to be taken with their food in 'Shoot the Chef'. 

Have a peek at their online program for yourself and get cracking! I hope to do a few visits myself and blog about it soon but I have limited time since I'll be going on a holiday overseas most of October! 

Sophie's Foodie Wishlist:


'The Breakfast Club" 
 I love this event title! What more can a foodie love than the first meal of the day with this casual cool deal Good Food offers. For $20 per person, select cafes are offering a breakfast menu to showcase their morning wares during the month. I really hope to try the following:

Try either the lemon crepes with chestnut honey, lemon and mint salad or black truffle scrambled eggs with Asiago, asparagus and toast with tea or coffee included. 

Watermelon and strawberry shot; smoked trout, avocado and poached egg parcel with organic quinoa, herb and nut salad


"Sunday Family Lunch"
There's noting more enjoyable than a lazy Sunday afternoon luncheon with friends and family. On October 12th, the next round of Sunday Family Lunches begin including:

Enjoy chef Ruben Martinez's signature crisp Tuscan-style pork belly with fennel puree, salsa verde and mustard fruits alongside gorgeous seasonal vegetables and salads.

Bring your family and friends to an oasis on the edge of the city. Overlooking the endless grassy lawns in the Centennial Parklands, share in a weekly roast with all the trimmings and condiments.
Night Noodle Markets

Different restaurant vendors lined up with stalls for you to taste test!

Located in Hyde Park, Sydney, October 10 - 26
Mon – Tue 5pm – 9pm
Wednesday 5pm – 10pm
Thursday - Fri 5pm – 11pm
Saturday 4pm-10pm
Sunday 4pm – 9pm

Best of all - it's FREE entry!
* has no affiliation and not profiting with the events stated above.

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Chi & Co. , NSW


Taking a trip from north to western suburbs is a rarity for me but it is well worth having fun exploring new places! 

Over in Canley Heights Chi & Co. (formerly known as Chi Chi) is a modern asian restaurant and bar with various flavours of thai, malaysian and vietnamese and is served shared/tapaz-style.

The place is awesome in atmosphere once you enter the restaurant. It's all big and daring - a random bright neon sign talking about double raaaaainbows! (that made me laugh) and a long gorgeous white cocktail bar on the side where the kitchen is busily hustling out the goods. On the tabled dining section is bare high ceilings with long wired Edison down lights, the wooden table tops with a wall that showcases a large black and white illustration including the restaurant's pretty namesake.

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Ippudo at Central Park, NSW

@ Central Park

Ippudo Sydney is set to open it's noren (i.e. Japanese style-curtain) doors for the grand opening of it's second store within the lower ground level of Central Park in Chippendale on October 2nd, 2014.

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Lid & Jar, NSW


Lid & Jar have opened a second cafe shop in Chatswood, becoming the smaller sibling to it's original shop in Rhodes this month. It's on a prime location with a lofty urban-industrial fitting that overlooks Victoria Avenue and the faux grass square park of the auditorium. 

I haven't been out much lately - you could probably tell, since my last blog post! So on a very early Saturday I decided to shop around for my day off into Chatswood since it's been close to a year and half of not being around that community. I had just finished a graveyard shift the night before and was in need of a good coffee kick and breakfast to begin.

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Pizza Gio, NSW


Around the world there are some pretty cool (and often crazy) vending machine ideas that have been created. In Australia alone, we can proudly say that we've got ourselves some pretty darn unusual machines of insta-products at the touch of a button.

In Melbourne, you can get $5 helmets for those in need of some new headgear at the Southern Cross Station. In Sydney there's the $20 Havaianas dispensers popping around the CBD shopping centres (i.e.: at the World Square and the Galleries Victoria) for those that probably are in need of thongs. In New York there's the famed Sprinkles cupcakes dispenser machine... What else could be handy and neat to have in vending-box-form?

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Viet Town, NSW


"When one door shuts another door opens..." 

(( It doesn't really have to do with Viet Town, but I just was amused because as Kofoo (it's next door restaurant neighbour) has closed it's doors shortly soon after Viet Town has graciously opened next door! And also.. it has awesome vintage doors. LOL! Okay maybe it's just me too easily amused about doors. Moving forward... ))

It's a brand-sparkling-new Vietnamese restaurant which has just opened up to showcase beautiful Vietnamese dishes. Viet Town is open for lunch and dinner and has a fabulous ambience that just wows. As you step inside you can see the opened kitchen busy at work along side bright colours of green and yellow walls, the vintage house doors structured tastefully along the walls to give you that old homely feel but also have that youthful, trendy edge with vietnamese straw hat lamps and street bicycles. 

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Parlour Burgers, NSW


$10 Burgers and cheap sides. Add a cool beverage to the mix and your set! At the Morrison there are $10 Burgers to be ordered from the bar and some tasty sides to choose from as well. 

Miss Dotty and I each order a burger - the mysterious Black Widow and the Original. Both proved to be worthy choices! Great buns, nice toppings and good chunky beef patties.

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Featured: Sushi around the World


What's a really popular world-wide cuisine to eat? Sushi of course! Here's an amazing little tidbit showing how the humble japanese sushi has revolutionised around the world....

featured post

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AB Hotel's Mad High Tea, NSW


“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."

"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.” 

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

The AB Hotel is currently hosting a "Mad Hatter High Tea Party" which I was very excited for when I came across the deal because it combined what I love - food and Disney!

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Fusion Cafe, NSW


In Eastwood this modern cafe does a 'east meets west' approach with different dishes on their menu. Fusion Cafe is located in the heart of Eastwood's asian shopping and food locale plus it's broadened it's wings to other location spots such as in Burwood and over at the Entrance serving up Hong Kong "hongkie" food most Hong Kongers or people who have visited HK might appreciate a little taste of home away from home.

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Bills, NSW


Here's a tip: walk up and down Liverpool street for a bit of a workout! I learnt that the hard way after an 8 hour shift of work before deciding "Oh, it's a lovely wintry day to go walk from A to B!"

My rookie mistake - for one, the street is long and hilly. Going up, going down.. but eventually I made it past Bills in Darlinghurst for our morning breakfast treat.

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Tamageta-ya, NSW


It's a little nook and cranny type of place where you could easily walk past it and not know what Tamageta-ya is all about! Walk inside and you'll be treated to a little isolated restaurant that has Japanese cuisine of sushi, gyoza, lunch boxes and ramen on the menu. 

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Mamak, NSW


Before heading off to see the sights of Vivid Sydney before the lights festival had finished up this week we ate a quick dinner over in Haymarket's Mamak restaurant for some Malay cuisine.

The Sydney night weather has become colder as the nights roll by this winter! We brave the chill for Mamak's usual Dinner queue that ALWAYS seems to wrap around the bend every time we pass by this place. I've seen it as being full inside with a line that starts from the door up until it is veering closely into Dixon Street (sometimes) it's that popular.

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Little and Friday, Auckland NZ


When I visited Auckland one of the cafes I visited was Little and Friday in Belmont which had quickly become one of my favourite foodie highlights of my trip. 

Little and Friday is named after two things - first off it was created by Kim Evans who had started off as a small business in the residential street off Eversleigh Road that initially was open just on fridays. 

The cafe is now the flagship store that has recently grown in size with next door being developed for an "After Hours eatery" to provide customers with evening cooked meals that can be brought back home for take away. 

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Cowbell 808, Surry Hills NSW


Miss Sunshine takes me on a journey to Cowbell 808 for a casual brunch with the guys over on Bourke Street in Surry Hills.

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Orbit 360° High Tea, NZ


High above the Auckland city in the Sky City Tower is the revolving 360 degree restaurant Orbit which we went for high tea on the weekend I was in Auckland with my girlies Miss Naughty & Miss Giggles.

Seeing a strip of glass below your feet as your go up the thirty-something levels seems unsettling at first but then it develops to feel like a rush. The doors pop open to the main observatory level and we're greeted with panoramic views that showcase the city of Auckland so well.

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Pizza Autentico, NSW

Sponsored Media Post - Photography courtesy Nikki To

Pizza Autentico is a new restaurant over on Brisbane Street in Surry Hills and since reading about this place it's become one of my 'most wanting to visit' places because of it's interesting concept, casual atmosphere and affordability for eating out. 

Do you ever have difficulty during eating out of having to browse through an extensive restaurant menu and then find it hard to decide on what should be your main course let alone dessert?

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Frasers, Auckland, NZ


Over the long weekend during Easter I took a break to Auckland to see my Disney sisters; Miss Naughty & Miss Giggles

I've never been to New Zealand before so it was really exciting to play tourist in a new, different country. Even though it rained most of my time there - there was heaps of things to do, eat and enjoy!

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Sails Restaurant, NSW

SAILS Restaurant

 Sails Restaurant is at it's finest for it's Modern Australian cuisine and with a sommelier to match varietal wines to their award winning (2012 SMH Good Food Guide One Chef's Hat)

Being seaside is always such a relaxing moment for lunch. Like for example when I went to Catalina for a once-in-a-while luxury fine dining luncheon, it's always something I look forward to. At first the day was gloomy, but then it cleared out and brought brilliant blue sky and ferries that came and went to McMahon's Point terminal which was right next door. 

We start things off with our Lime & Tonic curated 3-course lunch menu. 

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  "CHEF" serves up a delectable feast of drama and laughs with an all-star cast, including Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Jon Favreau. In Cinemas May 8. When temperamental Carl Casper (Favreau) falls from grace in the culinary world, he agrees to accompany his ex-wife Inzez (Vergara) and son to Miami to escape bad publicity after a public argument with a food critic. As his passion for cooking begins to reignite, an opportunity to start up a gourmet food truck business presents itself and Carl begins to re-establish his artistic promise and at the same time, reconnect with his family.
- - -

Dear TeaThyme readers! 

Don't miss a fantastic opportunity to win one of two double pass tickets to see a screening of  Chef” a new delicious star line up from the famously directed Jon Favreau. 

To enter, simply do the following, including COMMENT ON THIS POST to be a valid entry:

1. Answer this question: "Who is your favourite celebrity chef?"

2. If you haven't already, follow on Facebook or Twitter for more fun updates and first-in notifications of giveaways like this in the near future!

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Deadline for entries to be published on this blog post will be at Midnight, 30th April 2014 AEST.

Thanks goes to Studio Canal for this tasty ticket movie giveaway!
See 'Chef' in theatres starting May 8th, 2014. 

Disclaimer: Please note by posting on this blog post you are sharing information that can be seen by others. This giveaway is for Australian residents only - preferably Sydney residents as the screening venue is residing in the Sydney CBD.

Entries close 30th April, 2014. Only 2 Winners will be chosen at random. You must provide a valid email address that will be our further point of contact and please be willing to provide a postal address via e-mail for the collection of the tickets.

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Event: Cake Bake & Sweets Show

The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park

Congratulations to Stephanie the winner of the Cake Bake & Sweets Show from my first giveaway ever held on! 

Hopefully I'll get more chances for my readers to participate in fun things like this again in the near future!

I was fortunate to have been able to visit the Cake Bake Sweets Show . The event was a much anticipated inaugural show that run from Friday to Sunday showcasing what's on offer - workshop-like classes from professionals from great talented bakers, chefs and cake artists alike.

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Event: CropFest Sydney presented by Youth Food Movement


They might look weird and wonky... but they still taste good!

 CropFest is a fantastic project run by the Youth Food Movement that raises the issue of food waste and how we all should be celebrating the whole crop produce despite any size or shape of your fruit or veg!

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Guest Post: Top 5 Wines & Desserts

Top 5 Wine & Dessert Pairings

Author Bio: Michael Lowecroft is passionate about wines and vintage whisky, and is always looking for great purchases before he invites friends and family around for dinner. Michael lives in London with his wife and is a management consultant for a living.

Short of spending your time scouring the shelves of your local supermarket or specialist wine retailer and looking for wines specifically labelled as “Dessert Wines,” or embarrassingly having to ask for advice because, despite wanting to appear a wine connoisseur, you have no idea of what to look for or buy, it can be difficult to match wine with dessert.
Most people, after buying wine for a dinner on a few occasions, know what goes well with chicken or lamb, for example, but make what might be seen as a fatal etiquette error by simply sticking with the same wine for the dessert. Whether this is a better or worse scenario than pulling out a bottle of port or sherry under the assumption that it’s a dessert accompaniment “for all seasons,” we’ll leave up to you to decide.
We’ve also decided to help you out with five wines that are great for desserts, and have even added a dessert suggestion so you can’t go wrong!

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter, USA

Universal Studios USA

We're going to Pigfarts!* Hogwarts!
Gryffindor. Hufflepuff. Slytherin. Ravenclaw. 
Which house is yours?

I did the Pottermore sorting hat quiz ages ago when Pottermore was in it's beta stage. It gave me Slytherin! I was hoping for Ravenclaw but heck, Slytherin is a good one too. Muahahah! 

I was so excited to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. It's on the Adventure Island side of the Universal Studios theme park and it's towards the back. Once you step over the bridge after visiting the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park you already see the snow-capped British-style cottages and the Hogwarts castle.

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Cake Bake & Sweets Show Giveaway

(Giveaway X2 Tickets up for grabs!)

Blow out the candles! 
Hi TeaThymers! So if you didn't know, last week was my birthday and it was a really low-key event this year. It was mostly spent working in the daytime at my new job (yay! a new day job to sustain my foodie adventures!) and then a scrumptious dinner at Queenie's in Surry Hills with friends.

But it isn't a birthday without CAKE!
My parents spoiled me with a mango cake from chinatown. A sweet fruity fresh sponge and cream layered cake that has been my favourite type of birthday cake for many years now.  

Speaking of cake, I have a delightful surprise for my readers today. In celebration of my post-birthday and in collaboration with the Cake Bake and Sweets Show I have two standard entry tickets up for grabs to those who wish to enter my first giveaway!

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Mooberry, NSW


I was fortunate to attend an opening night for Mooberry's latest flagship store in Neutral Bay last week. The launch was fantastic! Fancy and all-out fabulous, there was a huge line up of media and socialites lining up to get inside the lofty three-storey breakfast and dessert bar. 

There's two shiny new Porsche outside the place and a chance to take your picture before you get inside. We opt out for the whole picture thing - not one for being in front of the camera for the most part - and join another line-up to try out their Mooberry products.

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Three Williams Cafe, NSW


Buzz. Buzz. Buzz! 
What's all the "Buzz" about the Three Williams Cafe lately?
I don't know - so I went to check it.

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California Grill, USA

Walt Disney World

There were so many fantastic places that I've had the pleasure of visiting in the magical realm of Walt Disney World and this place is one of my most memorable with Be Our Guest being a close contender. 

Before leaving Disney World last year I had a reservation at California Grill - A restaurant known for it's exquisite fine dining that has been on the very top of Disney's Contemporary Resort - my home for five months when I was there.

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Reuben Hills, NSW


It's a late lazy Saturday arvo and we - Miss Dotty and I - walk on over to 61 Albion Street just in time for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat before Reuben Hills closes up for the day.

Inspired by travels of Central and South America, the Reuben Hills sources great coffee and is even equipped with it's own coffee roasters upstairs above to produce for their cafe as well as sell their sustainably sourced grind to local retailers.

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The Dip at GoodGod, NSW


I've been having some American food withdrawals lately. Stuff like some buffalo chicken wings with ranch dip and I've been reminiscing over some fast food joints for their burgers and fries. Anyone tried (and love?!) In n Out Burger?

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