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A Trip to the Bahamas


Miss Giggles and I were excited to go on a new adventure last November 2013! We booked ourselves onto a Carnival cruise ship that departed from Port Canaveral, Florida and stayed on the ship for a 4 day cruise sailing off towards the Bahamian Islands of Freeport and Nassau.

The cruise ship terminal was huge to accomodate all those dazzling cruise liners. Next to us was the magical Disney Dream liner which I wish I had time and money to have done that cruise as well. When we disembarked our boats decided to play a 'who can blast the siren loudest' game with each other and I got sooo excited because being a Disney nutter that I was; I've known that the Disney boats are equipped with Disney songs! But alas they didn't do it this time round..

Oh well! So back onto Carnival. We get to explore the different levels (which are plenty!) and end up having a lunch buffet to start things off the right way. Every day the buffet changes in cuisine variations from asian, french, italian and even caribbean for one of the nights! 

A typical cruise thing to do is just loaf around and eat, absorb the sunlight on the pool deck like a beached whale and sit back and enjoy. We did all of the above and more!

Arriving at Freeport Harbour in the Bahamas was exciting. We spent our day on a shore excursion to a nearby beach club named Junkaroo Beach which the water was a crystalline blue and clear and the white sand beneath our toes. Just a few metres away you could snorkel and see little sea creatures such as fish and crabs and the occasional sting ray which made me hop and jump out of the water as soon as I noticed it! 

In the evenings back on the boat we decided to dress up nice and have a sit-down meal in one of their restaurants. This allowed us to be waited upon and pampered with a lush menu that alternated with choices every night. 
Most of the time we had a 2 or 3 course feed and our table ended up being awesome with guests that hailed from Canada on their honeymoon and a fellow Australian lady from Emerald with her hubby who originally migrated from the UK to live with her. It was great since I don't get to hang with much Aussies over here in the US!
The other island we stopped over was Nassau - a gorgeous trip over to the iconic Atlantis Resort which probably was the most amazing resort I have ever seen to date in my life. The grounds are just so vast in land and full of aqua life everywhere - open exhibits of tropical fish, aquariums full of sea life and even a working water slide that is submerged inside a aquarium tank so when you exit the ride you'll be bobbing around for a bit inside a glass tube surrounded by sharks!
Atlantis was by far the most amazing resort I have ever seen. The place is huge with the majority of it's space being aquatic and full of sea life that are on display for guests to see. The hotel itself is luxurious and we got to play in the pool and slides. Our lunch however wasn't as great as the ambience around us. A very lack lustre burger and fries - the burger being really average on taste and quality. 
The cruise was such a great escape away from the daily routine I had been living over in the States. It's probably one of my highlight travels whilst being overseas traveling interstate as much as I could!

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