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Be Our Guest, USA, FL

Be Our Guest
Walt Disney World

Disney has some pretty spectacular dining experiences and I've been fortunate to have visited quite a few of them so far! There have been so many visits to many but Be Our Guest takes the cake at being my favourite most romantic and magical restaurant inside a Disney theme park.

For lunch, the ballroom and west wing is open for a quick service meal - allowing many people the chance to visit this magical place without a reservation for dinner. People often have to make a booking 3-6 months in advance to taste their a la carte French cuisine for their dinner trade it gets that busy!

Up top you can see the castle looming down from where you stand off on the bridge. Once you've checked in with a Be Our Guest cast member you're allowed to past the gates and see the gargoyles stand stiffly on either side of you - their eyes staring at your solemnly, watching every move you take.

When your pager is buzzing that's a good sign! We head on over towards the entrance of Be Our Guest, a large wooden double-doored entrance that takes you inside towards the Grand Ballroom which mimics the Beauty and the Beast's movie scene. 

The menu isn't too extensive and has a few choices for Entrees and Main Courses. I start things off with the French onion soup - a hot bowl that was covered with a cheesy layer of Gruyere and a soup-soaked crouton that had absorbed the juices of the onion soup inside. Other starters include the delicious sounding assorted cured meats served with cornichons, pickled onions, and a toasted baguette and mussels proven├žal doused with white wine, tomato, garlic, onion and butter.

I try their thyme-scented pork rack chop that's served with au gratin macaroni, seasonal vegetables and red wine au jus for my main course. Buttery green beans were the 'seasonal vegetables' of the day and the meat itself was soft and tender with the au jus that was placed on the side, ready to be poured.

My friend tries the pan-seared salmon with saffron potatoes and leek fondue. 

Our server carts along a mahogany dessert cabinet that lights up with the flick of a switch to display their sweets of the evening. Several different cupcakes - strawberry cream cheesecake, lemon meringue and a chocolate one to recall a few. During Halloween and Christmas they also had a variation of flavours for the occasion (as pictured: see the purple/orange cupcake? That was taken during November for Halloween)

We couldn't go past trying the chocolate mousse-like cupcake and the citrus-y lemon meringue with swirls of lightly burnt meringue and a spongy cake base to end our meal on a sweet note.

My good friend Lumiere also told me a few things about Be Our Guest. An insider tip is that on special occasions the restaurant may have a limited quantity of 'The Grey Stuff' as seen in the movie when Belle is serenaded by Lumiere during the Be Our Guest song. We ask for the grey stuff and we're lucky to be given a dollop of the exclusive grey creme that tastes a little bit like cookies and cream.

After our decadent meal we decide to venture off into the forbidden wing - the West Wing where the Beast would not allow Belle to visit. But curiosity always kicks in and we find ourselves inside the depths of the Beast's west wing - another dining parlour where you will find ragged curtains, the famed torn portrait of the Prince and the Enchanted Rose.

The Beast wasn't too pleased to meet us when I told him we ventured into the West Wing. But he's a forgiving one and gives me a nod of acknowledgement. He bows and takes my hands and we dance for a bit in the Library. He was such a gentleman and such a good friend of mine! I will miss him dearly whilst I'm back in Sydney.

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