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Gelato Messina @ Syd Fest 2014


With only a few days left to go, the Sydney Festival has been offering Sydneysiders with fantastic special events held through-out the city and best of all, it was free! 

Inside the Festival Village is where you can kick back with the family for something to nibble or sip upon from the food trucks and vendors.

We already ate proper food for our early dinner so we just wanted to check out Gelato Messina's 'Il Carnivale' stall - a large quick service of delectable sweet treats made from the creative gelato masterminds of Messina.

Miss Dotty and I approach the windows and ponder for a bit deciding on what to try first. We were really keen on tasting the Samurai Fairy balls but they were a sell out. Instead, we ask for the $9 Yeeeah Dawg! to start things off.

A lady came up to me quizzically when we stood nearby and began munching on the Yeeeah Dawg.
"Where'd you get the hot dog?" she asked. I told her where to go, but also said that this ain't the usual hot dog you'll be getting!

Replacing the savoury sausage with chocolate ice-cream inside a finger bun and buttercream for 'mayo', this raspberry 'ketchup' and passionfruit 'mustard' drizzled dog proved to be rather fun try. Be quick to eat this up! We could see the ice-cream dog was fast in melting away in-between the bread bun.

We grabbed two glasses of bubbly and took a seat to kick back for a while and soak up the Festival atmosphere. Fairy lights and beach balls adorn the village sky whilst in the corner far back there's also a concert happening for Amanda Palmer and the live show Limbo! was on that evening.

Wanting to try new things, we went back up the faux-grass lined steps and white fenced Messina vendor for another round of sweets:

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up! Here's The Messinaweiner.

Also known as the pluto pup; The Messinaweiner is a deep-fried maple syrup flavoured ice-cream on a stick that was crunchy on the outside and had soft goo-like insides. This was served with a sweet jam-like Plum sauce which made for an excellent combination.

Then we finished the day off with a Cremino Loco sundae. A made to order sundae consisting of a Sea Salt Caramel swirl with meringue and Nutella. "Sea Salt Caramel. Meringue. Nutella..." That is my new mantra chant for now...

Happy Australia Day!
January 26th, 2014.

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