Three Williams Cafe, NSW

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Buzz. Buzz. Buzz! 
What's all the "Buzz" about the Three Williams Cafe lately?
I don't know - so I went to check it.

California Grill, USA

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Walt Disney World

There were so many fantastic places that I've had the pleasure of visiting in the magical realm of Walt Disney World and this place is one of my most memorable with Be Our Guest being a close contender. 

Before leaving Disney World last year I had a reservation at California Grill - A restaurant known for it's exquisite fine dining that has been on the very top of Disney's Contemporary Resort - my home for five months when I was there.

Reuben Hills, NSW

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It's a late lazy Saturday arvo and we - Miss Dotty and I - walk on over to 61 Albion Street just in time for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat before Reuben Hills closes up for the day.

Inspired by travels of Central and South America, the Reuben Hills sources great coffee and is even equipped with it's own coffee roasters upstairs above to produce for their cafe as well as sell their sustainably sourced grind to local retailers.

The Dip at GoodGod, NSW

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I've been having some American food withdrawals lately. Stuff like some buffalo chicken wings with ranch dip and I've been reminiscing over some fast food joints for their burgers and fries. Anyone tried (and love?!) In n Out Burger?

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