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Reuben Hills, NSW


It's a late lazy Saturday arvo and we - Miss Dotty and I - walk on over to 61 Albion Street just in time for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat before Reuben Hills closes up for the day.

Inspired by travels of Central and South America, the Reuben Hills sources great coffee and is even equipped with it's own coffee roasters upstairs above to produce for their cafe as well as sell their sustainably sourced grind to local retailers.

So there are three great sounding things on the menu that have been around for a while now. There's the really fxxking great chicken chili basket (which no kidding, that's how it's printed!) and the 'dirty bird' grilled chicken sandwich on a brioche. 

Namely, we wanted to come and visit to try their 'Not Reuben' on rye sandwich which is their take on what would be similar to a classical Reuben sandwich. We order one to try it out - a tender wagyu salted brisket for meat, pickled slaw and horseradish cream for added zing proved to work a treat. Overall the Not Reuben has got that hearty wholesomeness to it and goes down the hatch pretty nicely!

I went for a good ol' avo on toasted rye bread for something to eat.  A good smash of avocados on a slice of warmed toasted rye artisan bread along with a side of lime and coriander to finish. It was a light, simple and clean bite to eat for the start of my late lazy day. The lime that you get to squeeze the life out of over the avocado gives it that added freshness as you are eating it. 

Miss Dotty tried one of their Hot Filtered Coffees. Our waitress helps us learn a little bit more on what's so neat about their filtered coffees on hand. She tells us each one is sourced from exotic places like Mexico and instead of using an espresso machine to burn up the beans, the filtered process allows one to enjoy the grounded up floral or fruity tastes of the coffee grind a little better. 

Coffee sustainability is a big thing over at Reuben Hills and every Friday at 10am there's a free coffee cup taste session for anyone to attend and learn more about.

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