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The Dip at GoodGod, NSW


I've been having some American food withdrawals lately. Stuff like some buffalo chicken wings with ranch dip and I've been reminiscing over some fast food joints for their burgers and fries. Anyone tried (and love?!) In n Out Burger?

Not to mention what's really been missed is having sweet tea and soft drink refills instead of having to pay for another glass of Coke! But I guess these weren't the most healthiest foodie habits to upkeep anyway.

My friend Miss Curious joins me on this underground adventure towards The Dip inside the GoodGod nightclub and bar. Although we went for dinner during a weekday I can imagine this place being a good time for the weekend - a fully equipped liquor bar with tons of celebrity themed cocktails on the menu served by the jug, booth-style tables in the dining section and regular tables and chairs in front of a live band for those who'd rather sit back and chill with friends. Then behind the dining area you could head on over to the nightclub for a bit of a dance scene afters... sounds about good, right? 

We sit down to decide what to eat first. My mind wavers on a decision over hot dogs, burgers or nachos. Then the winning decision was a hot dog for both of us so we could try two different styles.

Miss Curious orders Confuse di Mouth ($12) which is a smoked kosher hot dog with melted cheese, dill pickles, red onions, celery and mustard to finish it off.

Whilst I ate the Dynamite Chilli Dawg ($12) which was a smoked kosher hot dog with chilli beef, cheese, onions and mustard.

We each order a side dish of something - I go for the grilled corn cobs ($8) that are slightly burnt off on parts of it's kernels to give that grilled taste. Then there's the awesome lime mayonnaise that accompanies it with chipotle salt. It was a winning combination for the tastebuds eating them all together. Miss Curious gets a good chunk of fries ($6) that are served with a spiced up chipotle mayonnaise for dipping.

Then as the saying goes "there's always room for dessert!" Especially when they have funky names and their ingredients seem so intriguing off the menu to begin with. 

We both were really keen to try the Fluffer Nutter - a fluffy mixture of peanut butter and marshmallow turned into a brownie with a serving of rich dark chocolate ice cream. The whole peanut and chocolate as a mix is a rich and delectable duo to try out.

Then a popular treat favourite I happened to see whenever I was at Disney was the sweet Rice crispy treat. The Dip makes us a rice crispy pie that was an evening special on the menu that night. It's a chocolate-and-banana combo with caramel sandwiching between the rice crispy base. Chocolate ice cream on the side, we pick up a spoon each and we're good to go.

Two cosmos later...

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