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Three Williams Cafe, NSW


Buzz. Buzz. Buzz! 
What's all the "Buzz" about the Three Williams Cafe lately?
I don't know - so I went to check it.

Lately I've been feeling out of the loop for when it comes to looking for a new place to try out. I feel like there are so many new spots that I haven't even heard of because I've been away for so long. That's the thing about eating out in Sydney - we are spoilt for choice and there's always a new place to try and good food to tuck into!

Urbanspoon listed this place on their current top tens so I looked them up and thought to give 'em a crack. Miss Curious and I mosey on down towards Elizabeth Street to find the Three Williams but at some point we nearly could have easily rode onwards to Botany on the M20 bus if we didn't catch sight that we passed by Elizabeth street in time!

Backtracking a bit, we find our sense of direction and walk on over to the Three Williams cafe to see that it's got a bit of a crowd waiting to go inside. We get our name down on the list and although it was a rough estimate of 25-30minutes of a wait; it kinda felt like a 15 minute wait as tables did turn efficiently. The waitstaff and doorman were excellent and friendly - it really shows that they are good at what they need to be doing and are in cheerful spirits all round. The doorman managed the traffic of us waitlisted people so well and would occasionally update us on how much longer it'll be as well as provide us with a friendly chat about the place. Soon enough we're inside and seated close to Willy's Corner - a cute little kiddies corner - and their takeaway & coffee hub.

The menu is short and sweet. Coffees, house made seasonal soda pops, breakfast and lunch menu delights including their famed 'Narnies' are really what people are finding most interesting from their totally awesome looking menu clip board plaques.

Each armed with a coffee to start things off the right way, we order our breakfast food as well. Miss Curious has the eggs on toast with an additional order of serrano ham and hash browns to go with it. The disappointment for Miss Curious today was that the hash brown didn't turn out to be an excellent house-made batch; just a regular oval-shaped hash brown that just cheapens the otherwise delicious breakfast plate.

I try one of the famed narnie flatbreads which seems to be a favourite menu order. The narnie uses a soft dough-like naan-style bread that is slightly chewy and unlike the usual Indian naan bread it doesn't have those crispy, charred bubbly bits on the outside. The bread envelopes the tender glazed beef brisket, gherkins and slaw with a tasty chipotle mayonnaise. It's a bit of a chunky mess to eat it all up - but otherwise it's a really cool idea to have on their menu.

Our table allowed us to peer over to take glances at how they make their take-away coffees and drinks. At one point the barista dude was fixing up their house-made seasonal soda pop drink of the day, a tangy pineapple and mint concoction that got us intrigued. They left fresh pineapple chunks overnight in syrup to absorb and then it's transforms into that sweet pineapple juice for the next day with a touch of sprigs of mint leaves and soda water for the bubbles. We were fortunate to taste a bit of this design and it's a fabulous alternative to the regular Sprite and Coke!

*Correction: Roasted pralines, not walnuts as printed above.

I was also eyeing the French toast brioche served with yogurt, berries and roasted pecans with a drizzle of maple syrup for added sweetness. We finished our main brekky meals and thought 'Oh well, what the heck!' lets order it. The brioche bread is sweet and thick, it's outer crust providing us a delightful crunch to the otherwise moist, soft toast brioche slice. There's some fresh berries to give it that added fruitful flavour and the yogurt which is slightly cooling and running off the hot warm toast.

The place itself is really a neat hangout if you want to bring the kids as it's got a family-friendly vibe as well as if you're in need of a catch up spot with friends. It's casual but can be a tad bit loud as it is a semi-industrial warehouse turned hospitality hotspot. An open-spaced kitchen is set up at the back and the place is contrasted with clean light and dark tones - sturdy concrete floors, wooden panelling, leather seat booths and exposed pipes along the ceiling.

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