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Event: Cake Bake & Sweets Show

The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park

Congratulations to Stephanie the winner of the Cake Bake & Sweets Show from my first giveaway ever held on! 

Hopefully I'll get more chances for my readers to participate in fun things like this again in the near future!

I was fortunate to have been able to visit the Cake Bake Sweets Show . The event was a much anticipated inaugural show that run from Friday to Sunday showcasing what's on offer - workshop-like classes from professionals from great talented bakers, chefs and cake artists alike.

As you enter the show you're welcomed by a free bag that'll come in handy for when you shop around the marketplace - a vast collection of vendors that range from artisan bakers, cake decorators, specialty food products, cake/baking products as well as colourful displays of sweets and treats to tempt you along the way. 
When we arrived we knew what we wanted to hit first - we wanted to see the talented artists that was on show! Most of the cake celebrities had their own 30 minute live kitchen demonstrations in different theatres which were built as workable kitchens on a stage. The cake decorating theatre held the most impressionable cake decorating crafters there was - people with great skill and technique sharing a few tips here and there to us listeners on how to embellish to sugar-coat a sweet looking cake nicely.

On our way to our destination we catch a glance inside the classrooms to see different sessions of workshops from various people with the know-how of great tips and techniques. Some were paid classes but to our delight the classrooms nearby had great informative seated sessions and didn't cost you anything.  

We see some great local trades that cater for everyday bakers at home and even commercial cookery with lots of different vendors exhibiting their wares to a big crowd of consumers eager to find the latest new thing in the cake baking world. Some of my favourites were Cake Boss - which had quite a huge presence in the show although Buddy didn't quite make it to the show himself; that's okay, I've seen the Cake Boss bakery in New York and had the pleasure of knowing he was in Disney World the same time I was last year.. So maybe I'll rub shoulders next year? - seeing Zumbo up close doing a meet-n-greet with fans and marbled sponge cakes from mondo naked cakes (foundation cakes for you to decorate yourself!) where really interesting to see.

So our must-do on Sunday was to get seats for the Lifestyle Food All Star Theatre sessions for Kirsten Tibbal - a world leading chocolatier based from Melbourne which she helped us learn about how to create amazing looking sweet chocolate eclair's along with a surprise cameo from Adriano Zumbo himself on stage during the plating up phase so he helped Kirsten out with making the eclair's look so extra adorable with edible chocolate bamboo and mushrooms.

Then there's USA's Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes fame who seemed to pull in quite the crowd during his entertaining session of showing us how he makes exotic durian & dragonfruit concoctions implementing liquid nitrogen to make some real fun ice-cream flavours!  

Duff has such a particularly cheeky yet funny personality which made him fun to watch as he created his iced goods on stage. Lots of jokes aside, he told us one great simple tip which is actually quoting from his Russian grandmother that now lives with his family over in the States. 

She says with cooking:

"... when you bake you use salt, when you cook you use sugar."

Which point being Granny wants you to balance out the tastes of your meal. Put a bit of salt to your sweet and vice versa!

Thanks granny! Smart thing, I thought.

*correction: Salted Caramel Chocolate cake not Cassis Royal Cake.

Then there's the Delicious Kitchenaid kitchen which we had the opportunity later on to watch Eric Lanyard talk about how to make an awesome sounding Salted Caramel Chocolate cake which just makes you go "Oooh.. Ahhh" at how he creates it and ohmygosh, I love that Frenchie accent! 

Oh! Here comes my favourite part of the day - taking gorgeous pictures of cakes. It's my ideal pastime! The Australian Cake Decorating Championship is serious biz and brought to you in conjunction with Cake Boss and the show itself. It was judged by the Cake Decorators Guild of NSW as well as having people's choice votes take place for the prize winning cakes in several categories.

There's just too many cake pictures to be put up on this post, it'll give you a toothache just waiting for it to all load. So if you still want to see something sweet, view them all at's Facebook Photo Album and don't forget to click 'Like' to subscribe to FB updates!

Thanks goes to Cake Bake Sweets Show for a fantastic weekend event.

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