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Mooberry, NSW


I was fortunate to attend an opening night for Mooberry's latest flagship store in Neutral Bay last week. The launch was fantastic! Fancy and all-out fabulous, there was a huge line up of media and socialites lining up to get inside the lofty three-storey breakfast and dessert bar. 

There's two shiny new Porsche outside the place and a chance to take your picture before you get inside. We opt out for the whole picture thing - not one for being in front of the camera for the most part - and join another line-up to try out their Mooberry products.

The place is packed with people from the get-go and there's plenty of froyo to go around. Two lines are formed on the first floor for people to have a taste test of their frozen yogurt varieties and toppings as well as some cocktail drinks including the espresso martini with Patron Tequila.

We opted for coconut and original tart flavours along with oreos and maltesers for some choccy on top. Live music playing from Adam Katz and the band comes from the mid-section of the second storey and marching on up to the third floor is a little cozy room for the froyo lovers to just hang out and over look Military Road's traffic.

It was a really neat looking place and I really appreciated being invited to their opening event. Thanks for the invite, Mooberry!

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